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Spanish speaking revision tips.

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    Hi everyone. =)

    I have just prepared some speaking answers for a Spanish speaking exam after Christmas on Tuesday 4th January 2011. I have a long time to revise, which is good, but I'm not too sure how to revise. I usually just say them a few times with my Mum which was ok as they were pretty short, but now I have to learn around one long paragraph for each answer.

    I've learnt the first sentence for the first answer, but that won't get me very far. =P Miss is going to take our books with the answers in to see how much we can remember, but she said that we can improvise if needed. I want to try and be exact as I feel that I don't really want to improvise or else I might make lots of grammatical errors and get confused. =S

    I usually get full marks in speaking exams, but the ones before have been really easy and this seems like it'll be harder. It may just because the answers are pretty long, but I just want to do really well on this and need some revision tips basically.

    We have an unexpected question too, which is probably what I'm most worried about. I'll probably be able to say something for it, but probably not much. I might just say a sentence/phrase if I don't know much as well as some opinions on whatever I'm asked about. Do you think that'll be ok? We only have to "cope with the question" so I don't think I need to be perfect on it, just kind of understand what it is and say as much as possible.

    Thanks to anyone who can give me any tips. =)
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    Is it for A level or GCSE?
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    This is GCSE. =)
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Updated: December 18, 2010
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