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Drakes verse in Fall For Your Type

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    Look, dress hanging off your shoulder, barely sober
    telling me how you moving away and starting over
    girl, quit playing you just drunk, you just saying sh-t
    oh you dance, dance like how, like ballet and sh-t
    oh, wait, no, I get it girl, I’m with it
    I’ve been down this road before and yeah I skidded but forget it
    damn, yeah, I wonder why I never why I learned my lesson
    it’s feeling like the second chance and its the first impression
    and I heard it’s nothing new except for someone new
    but how you supposed to find the one when anyone will come with you
    talking to myself but I never listen,
    cuz man it’s been a while, and I swear that this ones different
    that’s why I’mma take you anywhere you wanna go
    let you meet my friends so they can lecture me again about
    how reckless I have been
    and I’m slowly running out of all the time that I invest in
    making all the same mistakes
    and I’m just trying to correct it and I fall..
    I swear I always fall for your type, for your type
    tell me why I always fall for your type, for your type

    What's the bolded part suppose to mean?


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Updated: December 22, 2010
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