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Mini fridge get hot on outside?

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    I've had an Igloo beverage fridge for christmas.

    The user manual says leave an inch each side of the unit to allow for cooling and ventilation etc.

    I've got the fridge in my cupboard, and there's a good 2in at the back and at least 3 or 3 either side.

    My problem is, while the fridge is working really well and making the contents really cold, the outside sides of the fridge are REALLY hot, and i'm worried it might be dangerous...

    Is it normal for fridges to be this hot? Is it dangerous?

    Thanks for you advice
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    You have it in an enclosed space? Of course it's hot.
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    You shouldn't leave it in a cupboard. There might be two inches either side, but the heat can't escape >_<
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    Don't keep it in a cupboard.


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Updated: December 26, 2010
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