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Schools vs. Sixth Form Colleges

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    What are the differences between schools and sixth form colleges at sixth form? It's just that I don't understand why people leave school to go to sixth form college.
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    Some people just get fed up of their particular school, and just want to move somewhere else the soonest chance they get.

    Also, a lot of school sixth forms make you wear a uniform or smart dress code, whereas most colleges let you wear whatever you want.

    And all the younger kids at school can be annoying, and you won't get any of them at college.
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    See these

    I think at college you get a greater freedom and often range of subject choices - they can be aimed more at less academic qualifications. There's often no uniform or lower school kids. Personally however, I am sticking with my school sixth form as I love the school, all my friends go there, they offer the choices I want, I already know the teachers and I'll have a greater chance of positions of responsibility eg prefect. Some of my friends however want to take more b-techy type courses, hate the "claustrophobia" of school, think having to wear uniform sucks, want a fresh start/meet new people etc.
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    My school Sixth form made us do P.E. Not necassary at college. Many people also thought college would be easier than sixth form.
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    I moved to college because I couldn't do my subjects in school but I am totally glad that I've gone to college now because I've met some amazing people and I enjoy it much more than school!
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    I hate the opinion that some people say Sixth Form College is for less academic people. Sixth form colleges still offer a levels as the majority choice. Sixth form college is NOT like a vocational college. At the end of the day, the majority of students will be taking A levels and aspiring to university. So I don't think people can state that Sixth Forms in schools are more highly respected, because in some instances the Sixth Form College achieves higher results than the school Sixth Form.
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    I didn't have a choice as my high school didn't have a sixth form. I'm quite happy at the sixth form college - it's nice to have new surroundings and teachers. The majority of the people here with me are doing A Levels or BTECs. The more vocational courses are run by a seperate college where I live... which means the majority of people at the college don't disrupt lessons like they did at high school.

    Plus I no longer have to wear one of those stupid blazers whatever the weather. My jeans have never been so loved.


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Updated: June 12, 2011
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