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Film of the Year

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  • View Poll Results: What do you think has been the best film released this year?
    Shutter Island
    The Town
    Scott Pilgrim vs the World
    Toy Story 3
    The Social Network
    Four Lions
    A Prophet (Un prophte)
    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
    Up In The Air
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

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    Rogert Ebert says that 2010 has not been a great movie year, but has many great movies. While I'm not sure I agree with the former part of the quote, the latter is certainly true.

    There have been movies that blurred the lines between reality and imagination, documentaries which changed their focus and tone during filming, family films with heart, strong additions to franchises and satires brimming with wit. Films have been elevated by individual performances to punch above their weight, while others were made memorable because of their script and direction. Films which shone way past their tiny budgets and others which tried their best to live up to the expectations generated by mountains of cash. Hollywood has provided some of the best films of the year, but many others have come from overseas.

    With strong showings across pretty much all genres and encompassing many different styles, there has been something for everyone this year. So what's been your film of the year?

    P.S. Due to TSR's polling system, some very worthy films had to be cut in order to get down to the 15 options. Apologies to Crazy Heart, The Road, Restrepo, How To Train Your Dragon, Exit Through The Gift Shop and The Secrets in Their Eyes, among others.
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    Awesome. :yy:

    This is going to be extremely difficult. So many fantastic films this year, each worthy of recognition in its own right but I'm going to have to go with the film that I anticipated most this year and which delivered. A film which I walked away satisfied with the plot, acting, soundtrack and general idea and premise. A film which I'll remember in 5, 10, 20 years time. One which I'll go back to and one which has allowed for various interpretations, discussion and debate - each theory by a person as interesting as the next. I guess you could say it was the Matrix of 2010.


    Secondary choices would have been Shutter Island, Scott Pilgrim, Toy Story 3 and The Social Network. This has been a good year for films, 2011 is going to be better, hopefully.
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    Awesome. :yy:

    *awaits poll*
    Poll up.
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    I've only seen the two films from the ones listed in the poll. :ashamed2:

    Voted for *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*
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    Really enjoyed Up In The Air and Crazy Heart (EDIT: whoops, Shutter Island was brilliant!), but I think Toy Story 3 was probably the best of the year. Considering the pressure that was riding on it to be good, they managed to create something that was outstanding and I doubt anyone would say they didn't do the trilogy justice. A very satisfying ending!

    I think Inception is great but completely overrated - it's too long for its intensity.
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    Voted for Inception, most memorable film
    of the year by far
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    (Original post by lonely14)
    I've only seen the two films from the ones listed in the poll. :ashamed2:

    Voted for *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*
    What is the other one you've watched?

    You're missing out on some really good films!
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    Voted for Toy Story 3

    Up in the Air is an excellent film, as is The Social Network.
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    Agreed that 2010 hasn't been the best year for film in recent memory, not too many memorable or outstanding films imo. It's been more of a year of promising but ultimately dissapointing films (Daybreakers, Devil, The Last airbender, Skyline to name a few)

    Voted for Inception anyway, great acting and it's got such an imaginative and captivating concept, If you just heard about the plot alone you'd be grabbed by the idea of it. Also Christopher Nolan, that is all
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    Catfish gets my vote. I haven't felt as emotionally shaken once the film ended in a long time, and while if it is real it raises a lot of awkward ethical questions, as a viewing experience it is like nothing else. Harrowing.

    Most of the films on that list I really enjoyed. However, special mention goes to:

    • Inception - for proving that blockbusters don't have to be derivative to make masses of cash
    • Shutter Island - an under-appreciated gem which will be a classic in the future once everyone realises just how complex it is
    • Scott Pilgrim vs the World - So much fun, there's not a single frame in it I'd change
    • A Prophet - Simply sensational. If you haven't seen this (and chances are most people reading this haven't), go and watch it.
    • Buried - Ryan Reynolds can act. Who knew?
    • Monsters - tiny budget, big results.

    And, because I'm a documentary fiend...

    • Exit Through The Gift Shop
    • Restrepo
    • Food, Inc.
    • Collapse
    • Countdown to Zero
    • Inside Job
    • Waiting For Superman
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    What is the other one you've watched?

    You're missing out on some really good films!
    *The Social Network* :laugh:

    You're right. I still haven't watched Inception. :rolleyes:
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    Toy Story 3 moved so many people (especially those about to leave college, parents etc) including myself and it was so nostalgic it's got my vote
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    My film of the year is "A Prophet" followed by "Kick Ass". To be honest, it's been a pretty disappointing year for films, Inception was okay but completely overrated, Shutter Island was certainly a "surprise" and The Town was excellent, best shoot out scenes since Heat.
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    Wasn't Avatar released this year?

    Has anyone noticed lots of "A somethings"? A serious man, a single man, a prophet, an education... Hmm, thought there were loads.

    Watched "The Town" the other day. I don't get it... Seems like an average channel 5 action movie at best.
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    (Original post by Ricky116)
    Wasn't Avatar released this year?
    2009. Time flies.
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    Inception, though Un Prophete was a close second. Inception was amazing, the acting and the plot were brilliant, but Un Prophete definitely deserves a mention
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    Another Year. I heart Mike Leigh.
    From that list, A Prophet, mostly because it's a brilliant film, but also because I watched it without subtitles and understood it, major achievement :awesome: Maybe I won't fail my degree after all.
    There were loads of great films this year, including those which haven't been released here yet but seem brilliant: True Grit, Black Swan, The King's Speech, 127 Hours.
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    (Original post by dothestrand)
    There were loads of great films this year, including those which haven't been released here yet but seem brilliant: True Grit, Black Swan, The King's Speech, 127 Hours.
    I class those as next year's great films. :p:
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    (Original post by Phalanges)
    I class those as next year's great films. :p:
    Indeed. Why can't they just release them everywhere at the same time?
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    un prophete!


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