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Girls Crapping

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    It's really unattractive, why?
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    The same reason men crapping is unattractive? Most people aren't turned on by sh!t.
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    Girl crap too? I don't believe . That not what in my imagination of the girl species.
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    (Original post by Fusion)

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    (Original post by Fusion)

    Really, did you have to post that?:confused:
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    (Original post by ihatebrownbread)
    Really, did you have to post that?:confused:

    Sorry, I meant to post this:

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    It's kind of disgusting.

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    I think I have become desensitised to poo, 'cause I read down the rest of the thread past the pictures and had to scroll back up to work out what everyone was so disgusted with. Hrm.

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    (Original post by Fusion)
    Sorry, I meant to post this:
    i'm gonna kill you for posting that.

    okay, maybe not kill, but ill defo barf all over you. :yucky:

    and maybe even take a **** that's worse than that in your toilet, as an added bonus.
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    omg the photos ****ing disgusting...
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    Are the pictures really necessary? Diarrhea is not what I want to be seeing at this early hour

    Almost threw up
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    TSR never fails to disappoint. Such a fail thread.
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    Yeah knock it off girls - we don't like it
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    omg dont quote those poos
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    The first two poo pictures are ****ing horrible, cringeee

    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    It's kind of disgusting.

    ^^^ but I know it's not only me who see's this but this poo is kinda artistic & I can BARE to watch it where as the other one's I cant look at for more than 5-10 seconds.
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    stop poo quoting
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    Everyone does bum rubbish so deal with it.


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Updated: January 5, 2011
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