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how long does it take to go from bristol to-manchester by train?

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    do you have to stop at london victoria first?:confused::confused:
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    it takes between two to three hours depending on traffic.
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    (Original post by awais590)
    it takes between two to three hours depending on traffic.
    i checked in google maps and there is a route which goes to london=7hrs40
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    It normally takes 3 hours and when I take it, it's a direct route with no need for changing trains.
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    (Original post by deal)
    do you have to stop at london victoria first?:confused::confused:
    THIS IS A MEDICINE FORUM, and not too long in or around 2-3 hours i think
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    You do know that train companies have websites right?
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    There is a direct hourly service from Bristol Temple Meads to Manchester Piccadilly, it takes 3hrs 3min.
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    Unless you've taken a wrong turn at Wolverhampton, you shouldn't end up anywhere near London...


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