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Would appreciate some advice on a dress please!

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    I'm looking for a dress for an uni interview and would like your advice on these two:


    They're both really similar, but not sure if the blue one is smart enough? And the interview is this month, so I'm going to need to wear a suit jacket with it... do you think something like this would be OK... I'm just worried a jacket will look weird with the high neckline?


    Thanks! I'm sure I'm overworrying but hey!
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    I think you're overworrying (is that even a word? ). :P
    They both seem smart enough to me, even though I've never been to an interview before.
    Not too sure about the jacket - don't think I'd pick it myself, but that's just personal taste!

    Good luck with your interview.
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    first one
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    I like them both, although prefer the blue one - they are both smart enough though. I reckon you could get away with a cardigan over the top and still be smart enough.
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    1st one, you could still add a belt to it too if you wanted..
    And i have no idea about the jacket... its nice, but i dont really know if it'd suit it
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    I prefer the first one. Wear with a nice pair of heels and a long coat (longer than the dress). A jacket/blazer wouldn't look right with this sort of dress.
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    I wore one like the first one (perhaps a tad shorter ) for my medicine interview with a cardigan, black tights, and plain low black heels and was fine.
    I prefer the first one
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    Second one
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    I'd wear the first one with a nice pastel coloured cardigan with a nice smart pair of shoes. That'd be smart enough.

    Good luck on your interview!
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    I like the first one better definitely, very simple and classy I don't think you'd need to wear a suit jacket, unless it's been specified by the uni interviewing you; a nice cardigan would do the trick to keep you warm and look smart as well as being comfy. It's also something you could jazz up a bit with jewellery or patterned tights and wear again on a night out if you wanted.

    All the best for your interview!!
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    i love the first one
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    If I we were hooking up, I'd delicately undress you if you're wearing the first one, and if you're wearing the second one I'd tear it apart to get it off you...not nice at all.
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    I think they both look good and appropriate
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    The blue dress would go better with that jacket, whereas the black one would need a smarter blazer, in my opinion. If you need to wear smart business dress then go for a different blazer with the black dress i.e. along the lines of a suit jacket.

    Good luck with your interview and don't stress too much about what you wear As long as you arre comfortable, and you don't wear anything that will distract you (if you have a habit of fiddling with belts don't wear one ), you'll be fine.
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    I like them both, but I prefer the first one.

    Good luck for your interview!
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    Either would look good. They are simple and smart. I would avoid buying ASOS own brand because the quality is poor and they don't look as good in real life.


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