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Stow College - Access to Medical Studies

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    I am applying to the Access to Medical Studies course at Stow College in Glasgow and I was wondering if anyone could shed any light as to the application process, as I have a few questions regarding it.

    Firstly, I have read that the course itself is open only to over 25s, whereas I will only be 21 at the time the course next commences in August 2011. Despite this, I will have a fair amount of experience by the time I would start in August, as I have worked in a hospice since november 2010, and I have been a support worker for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds since July 2009. I will also be working at Wishaw General Hospital from February onwards.

    Furthermore, I have learned that many applications to this course already have degree qualifications in relevant subjects, something which I don't have, and I am unsure as to whether this will adversely affect my chances of gaining entry to the course. The highest level qualification which I currently possess is a Diploma of Higher Education in Transport Design, which is obviously completely unrelated.

    Again, if anyone could shed any light or provide any advice whatsoever then I would be very grateful.
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    Hi Andrew,

    Really sorry I didn't see this sooner either! Some people on the course this year have degrees already, but definitely not everyone. Also, there are definitely a few students under 25. Good luck!


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