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Amazing Bands/Artists that No-one Knows.

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    (Original post by ImSoIndieItHurts)
    OH YES!!


    Not advised, JHAH are good too!

    weell.. anyone heard of:

    Modern Day Escape
    Dead by April
    Silbermond (german)
    Oomph (german)
    Her Bright Skies
    We are the In Crowd
    Jacks Mannequin
    Hollywood Undead
    The Maine
    Asking Alexandria
    Everything Burns ?
    I absolutely love oomph! and dero's voice!!
    and i like rammstein.
    i just like screamo and german music
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    Jeff Klein

    Redd Kross


    Saul Williams
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    The riverboat gamblers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI9DLVhWw-M They opened for Sum 41 last year and were amazing.
    Gob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FrfC6ka6Qg
    Jonathan Coultan(wrote the portal ending song) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Wy7gRGgeA
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    Alt J - Saw them supporting Wild Beasts the other night, we're absolute class. And If you've not heard of Wild Beasts, well, yeah.

    Alt J -

    Wild Beasts -
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    (Original post by Riya2595)
    I absolutely love oomph! and dero's voice!!
    and i like rammstein.
    i just like screamo and german music
    Don't get me started on Dero hahaha!! Im just generally in love with him :P (and his voice)

    Woooo! you have good music taste
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    music's best kept secrets are joe purdy, jackie greene and gareth dunlop. all folky singer/songwriter/guitarists. Love them
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    Radio Moscow are definitely worth a listen If you're into psychedelic blues rock.
    Their first two albums were quite good, although I still haven't listened to their latest album yet.

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    Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Fenech-Soler
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    Moguai German Artist:
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    (Original post by AAJ)

    I know I'm being picky, but that isn't alternative, that's indie. Alternative and indie aren't the same thing like people like to suggest.

    These are alternative to give you an idea of what it can sound like:

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    Vacationer (I'm sure they will be huge this year)

    Cave Painting (Starting to get there since they appeared on Skins)
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    Salafist Carwash

    A grime-slash eco bongo crossover crзw out of Dunstable... catch them at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge and Secret Garden Party.
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    A song that had a fair amount of airplay from a local band of mine that I bet no one on here knows!

    And Seamus Haji. An underrated DJ.
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    Bit of a cringe-worthy video, but I like the song :')

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    For those of you what like hardcore/noisy stuff:

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    I've seen Scrubious Pip, a few years back now. Good stuff.

    Fenech-Soler, Dresden Dolls, Death Cab For Cutie (they aren't very big where I am, although the gig that I went to was sold out), Us3, Madness, Morcheeba, Pipas, Scritti Politti, Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads, Bent, Cage the Elephant, Brandt Brauer Frick.
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    Get People

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    The Brian Jonestown Massacre- massively underrated and completely revolutionary.
    Too bad they're not around anymore
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    Folk On - comedy folk... Brilliant

    Matchbox Twenty, Duke Special, Epic Hero, Runrig, Shed Seven, Billy Bragg, YFriday

    All are Awesome, but barely ever heard anyone talk about them! (though Runrig, Shed Seven and Billy Bragg are quite old)


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