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UCAS technical problems still affecting some unis?

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    Dear Bethany *******

    Thank you for your application to the University of East Anglia. We are considering your application and will be in touch with you again shortly.

    We would like you to be aware that UCAS are currently experiencing technical difficulties. This means that many institutions are currently unable to send decisions such as offers to their applicants. The University of East Anglia is one of the institutions affected. For more information, please see the UCAS press release at www.ucas.com/student

    We are hopeful that UCAS will resolve these difficulties very soon, and apologise for the delay in responding to your application. In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours sincerely

    Jon Beard

    Director, Admissions Office

    The link is to that thing UCAS posted ages ago about the new system they set up - but if UEA already has our applications and can email us, why can't they give out offers? :confused:
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    oh my god...thats sort of ridiculus...they cant work it out even between themselves...

    anyway i cant answer to ur question but there are a lot of us who have sent our applications long ago(mine was sent 1 month ago) and have yet to receive any offer just because they have 'electronic' problems...

    anyway...wait until u see sth appearing in track...there's nothing else u can do..
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    It is really weird...I got that email too and yet UCAS say they're still processing my application. Honestly, technology... :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Felicity9)
    It is really weird...I got that email too and yet UCAS say they're still processing my application. Honestly, technology... :rolleyes:
    They say that on my 'apply' thing even though I can get into track :confused:! It's annoying about UEA though, because it's the only uni I've applied to where I thought there might be a chance they'd get back to me re offer/rejection before next year
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    UEA might be able to email you, but they might be having problems contacting UCAS. An offer isn't official until it's come through UCAS.
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    yep, I got that email today aswell! annoying!
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    I got a similar one from Exeter saying they will reach a decision over a place over the next few days, but may not be able to communicate it through UCAS because of technical problems it is having.
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    i don't think the problem will be resolved any time soon.. altho i hope i'm wrong!
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    (Original post by PQ)
    Depending on how they're connected to UCAS they may not yet have access to your PS, reference and predicted grades.

    There's also problems communicating offers to UCAS (for loading onto track) and a lot of uni's aren't willing to send out offer letters without having a record of the offers on their own database and on UCAS track.
    Oh, I see... thanks! I don't suppose there's been any indication of how long this is going to last?
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    I called London Metropolitan today and they said they're having trouble recieveing applications so I should call back later because they haven't recieved new applications in ages.
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    Hmm, that's weird. On track, it says referred for all my choices and I did get acknowledgement off three. I know Notts has my app even though they haven't sent a letter because I can log into their portal and see it there. I haven't heard anything from Plymouth or Canterbury tho. I don't know if maybe they're having trouble with UCAS ...
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    Track claims that my application has been 'referred' to UEA though :confused:
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    I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure it'll be okay, it migt just take longer. Although it's really weird because UEA has been giving out offers already so they shouldn't have trouble with that?
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    Hmm, but if they have only just now started sending out paper forms, then how come so many ppl have offers already? Or should we assume that those that have been giving out offers do receive everything electronically?
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    Ah,okay, I get it now. So basically, it's still the same and we'll just have to wait and see :p:
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    (Original post by PQ)
    There is a facility available to every uni to access an applicants complete application form via a secure section of the UCAS website - which displays the full application in a similar format to what you see on Track.

    Some uni's making offers will be those that get everything electronically.

    Some will have been working through applications via the UCAS website...but obviously that's a lot more time consuming and more cumbersome for the people involved in making offers (it's even harder to read a block of solid text PS from a computer screen than it is to read it on a print out) so not every uni/admissions tutor/dept has been using it.

    Some universities are holding off making any offers until they recieev the proper hard copy form *and* the errors stop cropping up when they submit the offers to UCAS....ie they're waiting until all the teething problems have passed and they feel they can trust the new systems.
    That makes sense! Wow -- how do you know all this stuff?

    Ah so they're having problems with receiving them as well as with sending the offers - but if they have the info and they're just holding off giving the offer via UCAS track until they're sure it's working properly, is it possible that they'll still be sending out offers via the post?
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    That is for sure as track isnt the be all and end all. When it comes to offers methinks they all send out written confirmation about it from them. It's just with rejections that they tend to just go through track only. depends.


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