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Do girls watch porn?

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    My friend who is a girl watches porn, and she even has porn DVDs in her bedroom. But is it as normal for girls to watch porn as it is for guys?

    Like I can safely say that over 80% of guys watch porn. But what are the percentages for girls?

    Is it a lot?
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    Some do, some don't.
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    Of course girls watch porn
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    Of course!

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    Has porn dvds in her bedroom?? I think that's sort of pushing it - most guys settle for the internet.... and why wouldn't you?!!

    I wouldn't say it's as 'normal' for girls to watch porn as it is for guys. Not that it's wrong of course, just that guys pretty much vastly outweigh the amount of girls who watch porn.

    I'd say that more than 80% of guys watch porn. With girls, whilst I'm sure a lot more watch porn than we believe, I still think it'd be much less. 20% max maybe?
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    It's not for me but some do.
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    Better question is how frequent do girls watch porn, that's always interested me.
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    I think a lot less do. Not because it's wrong, they just don't.

    I can't even begin to assume a number :/
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    I don't watch it alone, but I did once or twice with an ex boyfriend, though a few minutes into watching it, we ended up ignoring it anyway.
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    I do, but I wouldn't own DVD's of it
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    Its one of those things you got to be in mood for, its not like with guys where its always 100% visual to get the groove on
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    We're alot more scared of getting caught because it's alot less accepted for a girl to watch porn, so not very often.
    Girls tend to have more things going on than guys do...like more day to day stuff to worry about. We don't have time! lol.
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    I'd say loads more than you think do, but less likely to admit it. Plus, way less than guys...I wouldn't say its odd to have dvd's just not standard.
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    Though I can be a confident person, having DVD's in my room and having to rely on those DVD's to get what I need wouldn't boost my confidence, I feel alot better knowing i've got a boyfriend there to do that.
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    Id be willing to bet alot more than would admit it...

    I do. So do a lot of my female friends. We're pretty open about talking about it too. I don't know any girls who watch porn dvd's though, all use the internet x

    Im a girl and I do, mainly with my bf as we live together and spend most of our time together but when he goes to teh shop or wakes up late i do.
    I don't bother with the internet tho... tends to be too much rubbish... i have like 20gb of awesome porn downloaded.
    I think the difference in men and women are that women are alot pickier... like with men anything will do whereas women pornstars have to be hot or it turns them off.
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    This one does, although not many of my friends do.
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    I watch porn quite often and like to tease my boyfriend by telling him what I'm up to:sexface:
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    More than I thought.


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Updated: January 12, 2011
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