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Your favourite foods that aren't sold anymore...

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    Nerdz and rowntree's bursting bugs!!
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    (Original post by Tally:))
    Nerdz and rowntree's bursting bugs!!
    ahh those busting bugs were lush!!

    another thing which i've just remembered was a weird fizzy drink which had little floaty ball things in them. can't remember what they were called...i don't miss them though!
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    (Original post by ilickbatteries)

    They were out around 2001-2003 AND THEN THEY DISAPPEARED.

    They were the most amazing polos ever. Make my mouth water just thinking about them!!
    Yes! Now a hole (excuse the pun) part of my childhood had been thrown into a sea of misery and a cycle of despair (possible, accidental pun).
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    (Original post by aarora)
    Who remembers BN biscuits??
    Got them bad boys with me now.

    All you need to do is cross the Channel
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    Panda Pops, especially the jelly and ice-cream flavour.
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    :emo: GOD I miss these. The Nestle Double Cream chocolate bars were meh, but those eggs ...

    Also, this bubble gum that no one will have heard of called "blood balls". They were spherical, quite big and white with red specks, and they had a sour red sherberty fruity centre that mixed in with the white bubble gummy bit and they were juicy and delicious and mmmm.
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    Those chocolate covered pretzels in this metallic blue packaging! Miss you guys...
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    (Original post by Blondiee)
    those yoghurts with the "sprinklins" in the lid :rolleyes:
    Those things were amazing, I miss them now
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    I miss the good old days of Sunny Delight and BN biscuits.

    I know they're still sold in places but I want them to make a comeback!
    Does any-one remember the summer when Sainsburys was giving away a free basketball with every purchase of sunny delight??? Can't get bargains like that anymore loool

    Ohhhh and the advert for BN biscuits - "BN BN doo-doo-do-doo-loo..."

    Ahh, okay I'll stop now
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    (Original post by Swell)
    Nic Nac crisps, they were amazing. They may still sell them somewhere but not by me.
    They actually were, and they do sell them. Try Tesco?
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Fruitang and Nerdz.

    I stumbled across Nerdz back in a newsagent around Central London 2 years back, but they seem to have faded back into scarcity again.

    We're talking about the 2 flavour-pack bean things, aye?
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    (Original post by ElectronicPanda)
    :lol: it was meant to be a squid, but there wasn't enough space to show detail :nah:
    i'll probably change it to something a bit more simplistic...
    Oh right I thought it was meant to be you know those monster things in pacman? Haha now that you say it I can see some resemblance
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    (Original post by JK471993)
    Yes! Now a hole (excuse the pun) part of my childhood had been thrown into a sea of misery and a cycle of despair (possible, accidental pun).
    Apparently, a shop near me sells them. I'm going in before work tomorrow.

    I did find a wholesaler selling them, but for £17.99 a box (inc. deliv)

    If the shop near me does sell them, I shall post on here and take addresses via PMs for those who want citrus polos.
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    (Original post by sunlightxstarbright)
    Panda Pops, especially the jelly and ice-cream flavour.
    I fondly remember drinking that poison daily after school.

    Don't remember them ever actually tasting like anything though.
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    cadbury snow flake!
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    (Original post by Bong-Bong)
    I fondly remember drinking that poison daily after school.

    Don't remember them ever actually tasting like anything though.
    They were just exceptionally sweet. And fizzy. And brightly coloured.
    When you're 11, that's about as good as it gets.
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    (Original post by Jarlsberg)
    Willy wonka chocolate bars

    I know a place in Glasgow you can still get Willy Wonka stuff.
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    Bacon sizzler pot noodle, wot not in a pot noodles.
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    They still sell astros and nerds in other countries!

    I miss turkey twizzlers
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    Ring pops! I can never find them ANYWHERE, sweet shop in my town used to sell them but then they only had orange ones left and then there were none
    Also does anyone remember Cadbury's Nuts about Caramel? it was like their caramel bar combined with a fruit and nut bar, but without fruit (raisins in chocolate=bain of my childhood)

    also when the purple ones in smarties used to be yellow inside for some reason!?!! And that competition they had where all the smarties were black and white and if you got a tube with a blue one in you won a prize?

    life was so much more exciting when we were children...


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