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    Aren't they Defoe's first Prem goals of the season? :lolwut:
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    In Munich right now on pay internet so not watching the game, but it looks like a thriller from the score

    :sigh: heard we just gave away a penalty
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    Looks like a good game right now!!
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    Hutton should be off, the man's a liability:facepalm2:. Two brilliant curled, top corner finishes from Defoe, him and Pav both looking lively upfront. More goals in this one for sure, hopefully more for us...:crossedf:
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    I feel sorry for Hennessey. :zomg:
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    Can't believe this ended a draw :indiff:
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    hutton is that bad, we will get ripped a new one should he play on wednesday, read this and quote me if im right and milan score down from down our right wing.
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    Eugh, that was just gutting.
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    Good to see that JD has found some form, not before time though.

    In all honesty regarding 4th it's looking out of our hands again. Still in the CL which is amazing but a distraction seeing as we need to secure our place in it next year. I have a solution. Let's win the damn thing in our first season :ahee:
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    i lost 12 rep points in the arsenal thread after the barca game :teehee:

    does this mean we lasted longer in the CL than arsenal, even though its our first season?!
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    We need to win tomorrow tbph.

    LOL. I lost about 15 after some argument about killing animals the other day, ah well.

    Can't wait for the game now though, back in Spain and primed for some CL brilliance
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    I'm going to save my WUMing until tomorrow, after we get further than they do...


    never been so excited for a spurs game in my life, makes me glad I got tickets.
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    I'm being perfectly honest when I say I hope you get through and draw Barcelona.

    I would much rather have faced Milan in this round.
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    I would much rather have faced Milan in this round.
    Shoud've won your (considerably easier than Spurs') group then :wink:
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    (Original post by Louis.)
    Shoud've won your (considerably easier than Spurs') group then :wink:
    Braga away was a freak result - a game we should have won.

    But you seriously cannot write off Shakhtar. They're a fantastic team with a simply ridiculous home record.
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    I'm being perfectly honest when I say I hope you get through and draw Barcelona.

    I would much rather have faced Milan in this round.
    I agree, then we can show you how to beat another of the previous champions league winners
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    Tbh I think a full strength Tottenham would be much more suited to beating Barcelona than most teams. Launching it to the absolute pace of Lennon and Bale :coma:
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    Fair play to you guys, you actually turned up, unlike Milan and Arsenal. :mmm:
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    Well played guys, really happy for you

    Sandro was really impressive across both legs. Part of two great defensive displays that must be really encouraging (and surprising?), get VDV and Bale fit and the offensive side should improve as well.


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