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    (Original post by jam277)
    It's quite clear, you are playing players who clearly are not good enough. Why are the likes Ryan Mason, Bentaleb, Townsend, Rose and others getting so much gametime when they are terrible or nowhere near the requisite quality? These 4 players should not be in the first 18 yet get a lot of game time when fit.

    You are good at beating small teams due to your attacking quality and defence but there's little to no pace in the side in attacking positions meaning that whenever you're in an attacking position against an organised defence you're forced to pass from side to side in front of the defence, a lot of players put in the squad for this season when the main thing was to get the team to gel.

    Also add to that you have the worst big game mentality there is around in the league it makes for a terrible mixture. Essentially you're an even ****ter and slower version of Arsenal last season. Chadli has been doing well though and Eriksen is a quality player(albeit not amazingly consistent)
    :O Harsh words....true but harsh....and I liked your posts generally aswell. hmph.
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