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Tottenham Hotspur Society II

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Had your SQA results? Find your uni forum to get talking to other applicants, existing students and your future course-mates 04-08-2015
Competition: win a karting session for you and seven mates! 24-07-2015
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    Will add to this soon ...
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    I hope you's dont get Andy Carroll off us :teeth:
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    Bale > Messi.
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    (Original post by Glennith)
    Bale > Messi.
    Titus Bramble > Bale > Messi
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Ameeeobobi>Dia>Bramble>Bale>Mess i
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Steve Davies > Dia > Bramble > Bale > Messi
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    Can't believe I'm this late in the thread :sigh:
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    Peter Crouch > Postiga > RVP > me > Palacios
  12. Offline

    fee agreed for pienar <spelling >

    and possible sell on fee for bent?
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    (Original post by dn013)
    Peter Crouch > Postiga > RVP > me > Palacios
    My left ******* > crouch.
  14. Offline

    (Original post by Glennith)
    My left ******* > crouch.
    What Crouchy lacks in talent he makes for in comic amusement.

    Hence he is the best footballer at Spurs.
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    A bit worried Pienaar will become the next Kranjcar.
  16. Offline

    Kranjcar > Pienaar, tbh.

    Also, does Keane's movement have a bearing on this deal?
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    can we get someone instead of Palacios please. diarra would do.
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    Are you still being linked with Suarez?
  19. Offline

    (Original post by DontBuyTheSun)
    Are you still being linked with Suarez?
    seems he wants to go to the club which has "more spanish speaking players" :sigh:
  20. Offline

    Get them to sign me up. I speak Spanish.


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Updated: June 25, 2015
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