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How to sort out my sleeping pattern?

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    Ever since uni my sleeping pattern has totally messed up, to an extent where it's ruining life at the moment. Since I'm not at uni now, I have no need to wake up, so I think it's slowly just gone worse.

    My old sleeping pattern used to be something like sleep at 2am, up at 11am (I'm talking about on weekends and such). Now it's more like sleep at 7am, up at 4pm. My parents are having a go at me for it, and it's not my fault. Whenever I try to sleep around 12 or something, I wake up a few hours later wide awake, because my body thinks it was a nap. No idea how to sort this out to be honest. I know a few other people who have gone into the same pattern, but it doesn't seem to bother them. I hate it. To anyone who might say "just stay awake for the 24 hours and then sleep at a normal time", I just couldn't stay awake that long, I'd fall asleep whether I wanted to or not.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Try setting your alarm for 9 or 10am and then get up no matter how many hours sleep you have had. Do not nap or anything through the day and go to bed at maybe about 9 or 10pm.

    If you are finding you cant sleep untill 7am do a bit of exercise or housework or something during the day to try and tire urself out and go to bed at a reasonable time, even if you are lying awake for a few hours. If you are waking up, dont get out of bed just try and get back to sleep.

    Theres no easy way of getting out of this pattern, you are going to have to have a few days of tiredness.

    If you say you cant stay up for 24hrs without falling asleep, dont give urself the opportunity to, stay active, dont lie down, have lots of caffine!
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    This sounds like you dont set an alarm, of course you will wake up later and later if you never set an alarm to get up.
    If i am wrong just set it earlier instead of 4 or whenver you get up say like 10 and actually get up

    go to bed as late as you are doing, but set alarm for say 2 then get up and gradualy make it earlier and earlier

    But never not set alarms, you will get into that cyle again its all about making sure you have a time you wake up


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Updated: January 17, 2011
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