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Sainsbury's Interview on tuesday

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    Ok basially I applied for a part time position in sainsbury's for a general sales assistant. Around 2 days later i got a phone call for a interview. They said I'm going to watch a DVD and then answer some questions. Im really nervous and i really intend to acheive this job. Does anyone know how the sainsbury's interview will be like? please can someone offer me some information and help please. thank you : )

    I have very recently started working at Sainsbury's, which I love by the way!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the DVD section. The first part is just clips and what is wrong in the clips it is basically common sense like a spilt bottle or wrong food label or something. The second part is maths most of which was very basic with only one relatively hard question.

    After that someone will come in and speak to you. I got asked what I thought Sainsbury's tried to do different so be prepared for something along those lines just saying it is one of Britains leading supermarkets and quality of products and customer service is what it focuses on delivering.

    Thats pretty much all it is I wouldn't get worked up about it. I also got an interview two days after applying then started my induction a further 5 days later it was really quick!

    Best of luck
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    Hey, thank you for the reply. How hard is this 'relatively hard' question lol ? Was it a group interview or a individual ?

    it was like 12 times 18 or something like that. The others were like 8 plus 5 and really simple like that. It is questioned like if a crate of oranges holds 8 oranges how many are in 3 crates etc.

    You get a minute for each so if you struggle on one right down the numbers and go back to it when you get to a really easy one.

    It is an individual interview and you will probably get left on your own for the DVD section so there is no pressure.
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    Thank you so much dude, helped alot. One last question, you know you said about the 'wrong label' , those questions are they simple too? and when did they get back to you after the interview

    Ye really simple. Its just mini clips. The wrong label one was something like the label was for rice and it was a curry jar or something. Another was a suspicious guy who may be shoplifting. The hardest one I got was that there was an underage girl in the alcohol section which I almost missed.

    I heard back like 3 days later but they were desperate for new staff to start quick so it may be longer.

    Glad to help! I only did mine about a month ago so its still fresh in the mind

    Hey I got a interview on wednesday, was just wondering how it went and if you got the job. Any tips would be great.
    what did you wear etc?
    was it a group interview or individual. I am hoping for individual as in a group I think it would be harder to stand out.


    Hi all,

    I applied for Team leader position and got an interview with Sainsburys tomorrow. Any tips and advice might help me land the job. Please help if anyone been through it already.


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