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Christian Music?

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    Emu (Australian Christian label), Stuart Townend, Keith and Kristyn Getty are all amazing, not to mention the legend that is Colin Buchanan
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    I like Hillsong, Aaron Shust, Casting Crowns, Skillet, MercyMe. They all got really great music.

    Open the eyes of my heart lord, i want to see you
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    The nearest I can stand to get to "Christian rock" is to listen to Black Oak Arkansas. As far as I am concerned, the rest is tripe.
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    (Original post by Sovr'gnChancellor£)
    Is Christian rock, rap, pop etc simply not taken from the "worldly" - that is, influenced by "Satan".

    Could many of you be in danger of hypocrisy and falling under the influence of "Satan" in "Christian" music??

    P.S. I am not Christian, but it does amuse me how many "Christians" are so of the world.
    Before watching this video I didn't think much of it but now I sorta do. The part at 05:56 made me realize what I was doing was quite stupid if I wanted a relationship with God.

    I haven't cut out all non-Christian music but I've cut out music that makes me feel sad, depressed, angry, etc.

    I'm sure it's different for everyone.
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    New Relient K album in 6 weeks!! Don't know if it's been mentioned on the thread already... those guys are my faves. Absolutely cannot wait to see them live one day (if they break up before then :unimpressed:)
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    Matishyahu and Yeezus - New Slaves
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    Relient K is awesome! And Hillsong by far has to be my favourite!! But it will be really nice to start listening to some of the other things suggested on here, because I love to hear new Christian music!
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    Beautiful Eulogy are pretty good! They're under the Humble Beast Records label, not sure if many people will know them but the stuff they do is great!

    I don't listen to a lot of Christian bands, the only time I do is when I'm relaxing and then I contemplate the lyrics. I personally prefer to keep service worship to hymns (that isn't to say I'm condemning bands in worship music) because I think hymns allow me to focus more on the words but obviously it's each to their own
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    Any Gungor fans here?

    Posted from TSR Mobile
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    Listen to some real music
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    Hillsong and Kari Jobe<33

    Love came down is one of my ultimate favourites.
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    (Original post by CapnHooch)
    I was in charge of the music behind a play signifying Jesus's forty days and nights in the desert. Little did the priest know I had organised a medley of Slayer songs...
    LOL :teehee: I bet that went down well...
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    Inb4 conversion attempt accusations
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    (Original post by Wookie42)
    Tim Hughes is all you need
    Agreed, and Jesus culture.


    so many....
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    Genuine Christian metal (and even more surprisingly, not BAD metal :dontknow:)
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    Indescribable by Kierra Shard and I know who I am by Sinach

    At my church, whenever this song gets played everyone gets up to dance and sing :')
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    Come on, its got to be Leonard Cohen.- "Hallelujah", or Leonard Cohen "suzanne"
    (perhaps its a Catholic-Jewish thing)
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    Rend Collective Experiment ftw.


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Updated: April 4, 2014
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