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Imperial/UCL or reapply to Cambridge

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    Definitely go for Imperial if you want to end up in IB-you'll get better exposure to top investement banks in london, variety of internships, As far as I know, mech eng at imperial is one of the best in the UK-if not better than oxbridge. Cambridge is rated highly but its not the end of the world if you dont get in there. Just make the most of what you have and think forwards rather than take another year out just to get into oxbridge. Tanaka centre (business school) at imperial is also quite good although arguably not the best.

    Good luck.
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    hi there, I am currently studying at IC myself. I would say that the banking atmosphere here is pretty intense; everyone is talking about IB.

    One good thing about imperial is that we do have business modules here in the Engineering courses.

    Bad thing is that its expensive and competitive.

    But I would think that it would be a bit better than UCL, as my brother went to both and said IC is better.
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    thanks for the advice guys, nice to see the heated debate cooled down a bit!!
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    Yes...this is pathetic....all Uni's listed above are prestigious...this whole debate is nonsense...

    Go to the place where you WANT to go and don't be blinded by prestige...It is not the way to pick a course...


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Updated: June 17, 2012
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