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UWIC Primary PGCE... post-interview

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    I heard yesterday that I have a conditional place on lower primary course! (Have to get a 2:2 and CRB and health checks) So relieved, as I had convinced myself I wasn't going to get on.
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    Well done :-)

    Still haven't heard anything - glad to hear they are still contacting people with offers though :-)

    When was your interview?

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    (Original post by nicolajane)
    I heard yesterday that I have a conditional place on lower primary course! (Have to get a 2:2 and CRB and health checks) So relieved, as I had convinced myself I wasn't going to get on.

    Congratulations! When was your interview?- Just wondering how long they took to let you know
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    My interview was 12th January!
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    Received an offer for the PGCE Upper Primary today :-)

    So thrilled.
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    Congratulations to all of you who have received your offers! My interview was for lower primary on Jan 12th and have since heard about people who have received both acceptance and rejections from the same day. I am still yet to hear either way - what a horrible waiting game! I'm so desperate to phone the admissions office but sure it won't help either way! Longest 6 weeks ever....!!
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    Hi all,

    Has anyone who had their interview last week heard back yet? They said to wait 4-8 weeks but I got my offer today after 4 days so I would encourage you all to sit tight and keep checking for a GTTR update as soon as you have your interview.

    I'm doing KS2 so feel free to get in contact prior to the course if you know you'll be at UWIC next year! Would be nice to be able to match faces with familiar names once we all start...

    Good luck everyone,
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    Well done to those who have heard back I had my offer at the start of January (I was interviewed in December just before Christmas). There is a group on facebook for those with offers

    I hope everyone who hasn;t heard back yet has good news soon! The wait is horrible!
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    Hi All,

    New to all this!lol.I had my interview on the 10th of Feb and got my offer on the 14th! very shocked but over the moon!Looking forward to September already!Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back..hope they make their decisions fast!



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Updated: February 28, 2012
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