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Oho! The Imaginary Icy is here! What're you getting from the Ice Cream Van?

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    (Original post by fizzfizz)
    in devon i had the best ice creams ever. a sandcastle which was ice cream covered with lemon sherbert. and a bomb which was a couple of scoops of ice cream, with whippy ice cream around it, with a fizzy lace on it too. yummmm.
    This sounds amazingly childish, where in Devon?!
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    My favourite! I'm partial to a screwball with raspberry sauce too!
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    (Original post by Altocirrus)
    It's February


    I always crave Ice-cream when It's cold outside... and when it's warm inside come to think of it... Maybe i just crave Ice cream :woo: Oh, and the Solero exotic btw = Most excellent choice :yep:

    (Original post by loonyplatypus)

    Ooooh! :drool: You know the part of your brain which thinks about icecream? Well mine just jizzed.
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    (Original post by Liam_G)
    Ooooh! :drool: You know the part of your brain which thinks about icecream? Well mine just jizzed.
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    "icy" ?
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    Orange Calippo (no homo)

    or mint choc chip
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    A feast ice-cream!! I used to love picking off all the chocolate, eating all the icecream and being left with a huge slab of chocolate inside! Oh the memories...
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    I dropped mines on the floor :sad:
    Can I ge 'nother one Mr Ice cream man driver?
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    Don't worry, I will just eat this potato 99

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    (Original post by Phillipsherman)
    it was never about costing 99p it was that the italian general of whatever times best soldiers were the 99 because there were 99 of them. The 99 just means the best

    according to a cadburys flake '99 packet a while ago... :moon:
    Ah had always wondered that thanks.

    But its still a travesty the rising price of ice cream.
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    Mr Whippy with a flake. Thanks.
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    (Original post by Cuckoo91)
    Mara? dondurmas? is awesome. I had it once in Turkey. It's like normal ice cream but really tough and stretchy, sounds crazy but it's great.
    Ha, I had the (mis)fortune to try that last year! I was like what is this stretchy abomination?! The advantage is that it melts more slowly, which was good in 40 degree heat!

    (Original post by snowyowl)
    Witch's Hat! :woo:

    For those of you who don't know, this is an ice cream cone, filled with ice cream, with a rocket lolly shoved upside-down in to the top
    We used to call it a Popeye?! No idea.

    I'd have a birdsnest. (Mr whippy with bubblegum and sprinkles)
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    Zap Lolly


    Sherbert covered ice cream MMMMMM
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    Omfg... FABs were just the most amazingly immense ice lollies ever... I want one so bad right now...

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    zap/twister...........screwball..... cola lolly..
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    (Original post by Lewroll)

    I dropped mines on the floor :sad:
    Can I ge 'nother one Mr Ice cream man driver?

    How could you post such a horrific image!?
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    In Ireland, corner shops sell 99's, and they;re so delicious, because the ice cream is all nice and creamy. Ice cream men over here sell a horrible version of ice cream, you can tell by the colour and thinness. I'd probably opt for a lemon ice.
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    Ah, the whole "99 cone" debate - apparently there's a big argument as to where it started, but generally, the two biggest and best sourced arguments are that the idea started in Portobello here in Scotland, and that the particular ice cream was first sold here at 99 High Street. Hence the 99 ice cream. The second one is that it was inspired by the Italian first world war heroes (the "boys of 99", apparently).

    Regardless, it had no bearing on the price. Sadly, they can charge whatever they want. The bwastwads.

    Anyway, after asking the ice cream man if he had any maxibons and being told no, I have a bunch of money left, so I'm going to get an ice cream sandwich (complete with nougat wafer)

    and some amazing foam mushrooms with the change.

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    CLEARLY a 99! If the machine has malfunctioned though or something awful like that, I'd consider a Solero or a classic Magnum. Or an orange ice lolly. MAN I love me some ice cream


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