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Food and Drink you can still get, but used to be SO much better.

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    In this thread, post those food and drink items you used to get, and STILL get, but used to be a HELL of a lot better, for whatever reason. And state your reasons why! I'll start with some examples:

    Monster Munch

    Nowadays, Monster Munch are a shadow of their former selves... tiny, less dense, and with FAR less coat-yer-fingers-in-brown-powder flavouring. Also, no more spaghetti flavour (blue packet)! Travesty.


    Not only are the shells less dense (to abide by cruel health laws of pure evil), but now it's packed in this bizarre hexagonal prism container... without a collectible pop-top with a letter on it. Unacceptable.

    Okay, post some more, you guys, I know how much you love to reminisce with me, and also the sheer passion for complaining! So what're YOUR foods and drinks that you can still buy, but are shadows of their former selves?
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    Tooty-Frooties. I used to have a kind-of addiction to them in Year 8-9 (back in 1997-1999), but a couple of years later they changed the recipe, and they haven't been the same since. They're not as sweet for one thing, and the green ones taste strange.

    PS. I remember when ice lollies like Feasts and Mini-Milks and Twisters had jokes on the sticks... some were actually quite good, if I remember right. Wish they'd bring them back!
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    Pizza Hut. When I was younger I remember it being really crispy and not that greasy, but now it's bleughhh.

    Another is Pom Bears.

    I remember them being nice but they just leave a horrible taste in my mouth now.
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    Lilt. It's never been the same since they healthified it...
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    Anything with fruit in it.
    Fruit Twist,
    Starburst etc

    They use real fruit now and no added sugar, the swines.
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    Penguin bars. Don't know why but for some reason, their place in my heart seems to be taken by Take a Break bars.
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    Pretty much everything since the "healthy eating" revolution...fewer e-numbers, making sure there isn't 3482394g of fat in the product, removal of shameless advertising and toys aimed at children...bad times.
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    Sunny D. It used to taste so creamy and rich, nowadays it tastes watery and plasticky. Absolute fail.
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    Animal biscuits, you know the ones with chocolate on. I swear they weren't that sickly when I was younger, I could even make it though a bag in one go when I bought them.
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    Wow, 16p for monster munch, how things have changed.
    I loved jolly ranchers, oh my god they were sooo good. Now they don't even sell them in the UK anymore.


    and Fizzy jerks!! Our school always used to have them in the vending machines, and citrus polos.

    I wasn't a sweetie person at all.........
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    Flying saucer sweets, they are just horrible and taste of nothing! I think I only used to get them because they were light in a pick-a-mix.
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    (Original post by BooBerryMuffin)
    Sunny D. It used to taste so creamy and rich, nowadays it tastes watery and plasticky. Absolute fail.
    Didn't it also used to make children orange...?
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    Going on the drinks theme, Tango Apple just doesn't taste the same...
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    (Original post by Bagration)
    Going on the drinks theme, Tango Apple just doesn't taste the same...
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    I'm hungry...
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    Fanta, I swear they changed the recipe in the UK. Abroad it's still seriously orange and tastes amazing while here its a more yellow colour and tastes like ass.

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    Wagon wheels, the jam ones in particular, there's about 75% less jam in them!
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    haha so true about fanta, although i've noticed that it tastes completely different in Ireland to the UK, it's bright orange and tastes like it should.
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    Um bongo
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    Twister ice-cream lollies!! They've joined the health craze :'(


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