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The All-New Official Family Guy Society Thread!

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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    I guess that wouldn't work very well in 100x100 pixel form.
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    Road to Multiverse is the best episode :') peter in disney form pahaa!
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    New avatar :awesome:
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    New avatar :awesome:
    I approve. :yep: Large Family Guy-related animated gifs make the best avatars.
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    (Original post by Coffee_Please)
    Road to Multiverse is the best episode :') peter in disney form pahaa!
    :rofl2: and the jew killing

    omg that episode where stewie creates an evil twin was freaky as ****
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    (Original post by flowermaster91)
    :rofl2: and the jew killing

    omg that episode where stewie creates an evil twin was freaky as ****
    Yeah, that scene where he cuts off Brian's tail - I was like :lolwut:.
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    My message under my username is a good Peter Griffin line
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    I just won this off ebay for 1p+postage - bargain! XD

    Stewie Griffin Mural Wall Hanging

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    The first episode of the new series (airing in September in the US) looks good; the Griffins win the lottery.

    My favourite episode is probably Patriot Games, if only for Shipoopi
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    One of the best:
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    new series begins on BBC 3 tonight at 10pm with two new episodes.
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    it is starting now.
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    Really like Family Guy - when its on form, it's fantastic. Definitely agree with Road to the Multiverse being the best episode.

    Really looking forward to the new series.
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    Having read the first page of this thread, I can already feel my love for Family Guy being restored! We've been parted for too long!
    Stewie is absolutely adorable! I've fallen for him sooo hard! I can only hope that my babies turn out to be like him! :ahee:
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    OH MY GOSH!!!
    I was soo looking forward to the British episode AKA Chap Of The Manor I absolutely loved it Pitty that it was just a sketch...
    If I were British, I am pretty sure I would love even harder The way they made Family Guy jokes "British" was just awesome.

    Did you "chaps" find it offensive or hilarious?
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    The drugs episode was a bit too weird for my liking.

    Having already seen most of the episodes in this series, I'd say it's about on a par with the previous one, there's a few brilliant episodes, but at the same time some absolute dross.

    Particular highlights are Meg & Quagmire (Ep. 10), The Blind Side (Ep. 11) and Mr. and Mrs. Stewie (Ep. 19).

    Ricky Gervais makes a guest appearance in Be Careful What You Fish For but, because I don't find him funny, I didn't find it funny.

    Also, Season 11 has been sanctioned by Fox and is currently under production.
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Particular highlights are Meg & Quagmire (Ep. 10), The Blind Side (Ep. 11) and Mr. and Mrs. Stewie (Ep. 19).
    No Road to the Pilot? I thought that was the by far and away the best episode of the series.


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Updated: August 18, 2012
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