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Best finale ever?

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    The end of the first series of Rome.

    Tbh the second series end was also good (well, if by good you mean boneachingly upsetting) but the Kalends of February episode is just... perfect.
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    The ending for Blackadder Goes Forth is moving and beautiful.

    Also: Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, both excellent endings IMO.
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    The O.C

    Oh wait it was lame.
    ...oh well, if it was any good I would've wept.
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    (Original post by =) =) =))

    Too bad it went downhill from there
    Yeahh, I loved it, I'm still determined to like it even though it went rapidly down hill, especially the final season.. (and to justify the fact I spent £50 on the box set )
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    Best season finale was curb season 6
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    The finale of the Uefa Champions League in 2005 ! What a Finale!
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    Jeopardy, that programme on CBBC tiiiime ago
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    (Original post by Outsanity)
    Yeahh, I loved it, I'm still determined to like it even though it went rapidly down hill, especially the final season.. (and to justify the fact I spent £50 on the box set )
    I actually didnt mind the seasons afterwards, but it was just that season 1 was so epic that it was near impossible to keep it going so well
    Kinda inevitable
    I want to buy the season 1 box set and just pretend the other seasons dont exist
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    (Original post by _MaLc_)
    Easily The Sopranos.

    I love the Sopranos but cutting out in the middle of a scene isn't a good finale, too ambiguous, far far too ambiguous, not good!

    (Original post by Pheylan)
    (doesn't have to be the finale of the show's final season)

    mine, however, is. Six Feet Under. blows every other finale out of the water for me
    Yeah Six Feet Under is the best, the bit with Keith made me really sad

    (Original post by cema1)

    lol jokes
    Yeah i ****ig hate lost now as well, worst finale ever
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    As many others have said, The Life On Mars Finale.

    Also Band of Brothers, I loved the bit where one of the soldiers is translating a speech made by the German Officer to his man that have been captured, it just was a beautiful way of showing that the German soldiers were just like them.
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    Someone already said it but its got to be Blackadder goes forth

    (Also when Rose left doctor who :'( )
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    (Original post by Earsnot)
    The Sopranos or The Shield. The Wire ending was kinda good i guess.
    The ending to the sopranos was too open ended for me. I think finale of The Wire was much better.
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    i rather liked The Office finale
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    friends, charmed, gilmore girls, i guess series 4 of desperate housewives finale was just , imo best ending in that show.
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    (Original post by el scorcho)
    the futurama finale. it actually annoys me that they brought the show back, that was just the perfect way to end the series
    Surely the likes of 'The Late Philip J Fry' make it worthwhile though?

    That's actually my favorite Futurama episode by quite a way.

    Edit: I just remembered Roswell that Ends well. Joint 1st then.
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    Best (in order)

    1.The Shield - don't think I've been more moved by a finale, not to mention the actual tension/nervousness I felt from all of the suspense. Coupled with Vic's confession scene I think in the episode prior, it is some of the greatest TV I have ever watched.
    2. Six Feet Under
    3. The Wire


    The Sopranos and Lost
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    grey's anatomy season 6 :teehee:
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    The REAL ending of Scrubs. Season 8.

    When Scrubs turns serious its just amazing. The projector scene was inspired.
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    The REAL ending of Scrubs. Season 8.

    When Scrubs turns serious its just amazing. The projector scene was inspired.
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    Boys from the Blackstuff.

    I loved the finale of the wire too but it didn't make up for the fact the last season was so much weaker than the rest.
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    Well I didn't watch The Sopranos but I seen the finale and thought it was genius, really quite amazing. In a few seasons earlier someone told him that when you die, 'nothingness' takes over and its blank. And in the finale, when the dude walks into the toilet all suspicious, you hear the door open and then it goes blank. Tony been shot in the head. Amazing.

    I did watch Lost and thought the finale was amazing and beautiful. Anyone that says they didn't like it, didn't get what it meant or what happened in it.


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