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Rothschild Gap Programme 2011

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    Hi, back in october or november, I applied for the 2011 Rothschild gap year programme in london. I haven't heard anything from them so far except the automatic email thanking me for my application.

    Is anyone else in the same position, or has anyone heard back from them?

    Or anyone who did it last year, when did you hear from them after your application?

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    oh right thanks thats helpful. no, dont know anyone else, i applied for deloitte too but thats it. doing maths economics and languages for a level, predicted 3A stars but thats highly unlikely, what about you?
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    (Original post by trw)
    Hi, back in october or november, I applied for the 2011 Rothschild gap year programme in london. I haven't heard anything from them so far except the automatic email thanking me for my application.

    Is anyone else in the same position, or has anyone heard back from them?

    Or anyone who did it last year, when did you hear from them after your application?


    (Original post by twistedinsanity)
    Yep I'm in exactly the same position as you

    (Original post by TSR-MATT)
    Thread from last year.

    Looks like last year people found out about interviews around the 22nd March so I'd imagine it will be a similar deal this year.

    Do you guys know any others who applied?
    Have you guys applied to any other gap years?
    What're your academic backgrounds?
    have all of you guys applied for Rothschild Gap Year??
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    (Original post by TSR-MATT)
    I applied like in Nov. sometime but haven't heard at all. How come you're taking a gap year?
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    I applied four months ago! WTF
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    Just got rejected.
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    That's life I suppose. Haven't applied to Uni and am still waiting to hear anything back from the BoE so fingers crossed for that one!! How about you, did you apply to Uni?

    I emailed them for some feedback and asked them how many people had applied and how many positions they had available. Will update the thread if they reply.

    Good luck for Wednesday mate.
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    Same as, need something to look forward to.

    Haven't heard anything at all from them yet, am checking my emails religiously though. Reckon I'll hear in the next few days.

    So you've been invited for an interview at Rothschild? Must have got all their emails fired off earlier.
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    No worries mate, its totally understandable.. should've just said. I got rejected by Rothschild today and bank of england last week but luckily I got my second choice uni so it's all good. Still waiting for my first choice
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    (Original post by TSR-MATT)
    Has anyone been able to book their interview?

    When I click on the schedule tab it just goes blank and nothing comes up...
    Yeah, same deal for me, I can't seem to book my interview!
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    samee I cant seem to book my interview toooo
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    Got an interview on wednesday... does anyone know what sort of format the interview will be? and what sort of preperation are you going to do?

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    information centre too... what exactly does that mean? what sort of stuff are you gunna prepare to talk about? general inteview questions or rothschild related stuff?
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    surely the email that they sent us just says that the interviews will take place in the information centre. Does that really mean that we have been chosen for the info job not the IBD job?
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    at the interview, when did they say we should hear by?
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    I got the placement too, anyone know how many places there are for this thing?
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    havent heard yet... i guess that could be bad news.

    were you all offered the placement starting in march?
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    Oh right so only 8?
    anyone know any rough number for total applicants?

    I'll be starting in September by the looks of things
    Also did you guys find out why they stopped the IB internship?
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    Damn only 8 places? I only found out about this last week and sent them an email asking if it would still be possible to apply, in spite of the Dec. deadline. I guess that'll be a no... Anybody have a phone number for HR? I'm not getting an answer by email about this.

    Otherwise, I just got my uni offer deferred upon request. Any ideas for what similar programs are available even if deadlines have already passed - you never know! (except BofE, Deloitte, KPMG, IBM Future, and those - there was a list on TSR with about 8 firms)

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    (Original post by TSR-MATT)
    Those are pretty much all the schemes available in the finance region.

    If you've missed the deadline, what makes you think you could just ring up and get offered a job?

    But try Deloitte and KPMG, they're filled on a first come first served basis so they may still be accepting applications.

    Otherwise go to university and skip the tuition fee rises.
    Because some people may ultimately choose not to accept their job offers and there may still be places available? Although obviously that would still mean having to go through the same process and selection criteria as the other candidates.

    Yes i looked at KPMG but they only have Manchester and Plymouth spots left (or something of the sort) and Deloitte closed their application system already Do any of these companies offer similar schemes outside of the UK?

    Thanks though, and have fun at Rothschild! I saw you have a place, congrats and good luck


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Updated: March 30, 2012
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