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'Mature' students in halls at Bangor

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    Hi, just wondered if anyone could give me some advice about the halls in bangor. I am 25 and hoping to start in september, but just cant decide whether to go in to halls or private rented accomadation. Even though im a bit older than the majority of new first years, id still like to be able to socialise and meet new people. If i went into a private rented house do you think it might be harder to integrate. On the other hand, i also want to make sure i can study in a bit of a quieter environment thats not to isolated! ha not fussy am i! so any input in helping me decide would be much appreciated. :confused::confused:
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    I have a friend who is slighlty older than you and she lives in halls and I do think it's the best option. I find in Bangor there are quite a few mature students but it's not like 'oh there older than me' everyone just gets on with everyone so I wouldn't worry about your age.

    Plus halls are a laugh and you get to meet new people really easily. Bangor also dedicates some halls off for those who would like quieter halls which for next year I believe are Cefn Y Coed up on Ffriddoedd site which is the main uni halls site. I live in identical halls currently and there pretty decent. But I'm so glad I live in halls not only because you make friends via your flatmates but becasue everyone else is aorund you also so it makes socialising really easy especially in your first year

    What you planning on studying btw?
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    thanks for your reply, that was really helpful, i think i will go into halls and just request one of the quieter halls. im hoping to study biomedical science, just on an access course at the mo, so fingers crossed! what year are you in, u found it pretty easy to settle in then?
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    (Original post by lizzie_86)
    thanks for your reply, that was really helpful, i think i will go into halls and just request one of the quieter halls. im hoping to study biomedical science, just on an access course at the mo, so fingers crossed! what year are you in, u found it pretty easy to settle in then?
    I'm doing psychology (like most of Bangor lol) and I'm in year one currently.

    I was so nervous leading up to coming to uni but I found it so easy to settle in and meet people. They make so many oppurtunities for you to do so and you just have to remember everyone's in the same boat so just say hi to everyone and your easily find new friends.

    Obviously they'll be times you do get unsettled, I know I've had moments when I wanted to quit, still do now but when I refelct I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Good luck, hope you get the results you need. If you have any more questions feel free to ask
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    hiya, i know i'm replying quite some time after you've posted but i stumbled across your thread on google.
    I am starting at Bangor as a mature student this September too. I'm in halls, Seiriol.
    I just wanted to introduce myself, maybe we could get to together in freshers week
    Mature freshers seem to be a rarity lol
    What are you studying, did you manage to get into halls?

    Hope you get this reply ?!?!?

    add me on Facebook if you want - Amy Sidderley

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    I'm a mature student this year too. They gave me a room in the quiet block too, so I'm pretty chuffed.

    Must admit I'm a wee bit nervous though. What with having to live with strangers and all

    Edit: Actually Halls fell through, so now I'm all snug and warm in a rented house
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    Im packing up now and getting ready to come tomorrow - its been a while since Ive been a student so pretty nervous! Not in halls - in Upper Bangor somewhere.


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Updated: September 16, 2011
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