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The Israel-Palestine Conflict Mk.III

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    Jewish state in the middle of Muslim world. Whatever they do, they will not change anything for longer, it's just a matter of how many casualties and when.
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    Stopping killing children would probably be a good start. :rolleyes:
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    End the de facto occupation of Gaza and end the annexation of the West Bank and abide, therefore, by international law. Also, they should stop deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure, as has been documented now and in the past, and should stop indiscriminately firing against civilians, which amounts to a grave war crime.

    Then, we can talk about any militancy that occurs from the Palestinians, if indeed it even does occur. I mean, the President of the State of Palestine fully acknowledges Israel's sovereignty and its right to exist as a Jewish state. Netanyahu, in contrast, only recently admitted that he does not support a two-state solution, which is the only peaceful solution there is. The Palestinian people have every right to resist, including using force against the Israeli military, the Israeli occupation. And, indeed, the vast majority of Israeli casualties have been in the military - Israeli combatants, who are fair game, are being killed. On the other hand, Israel are massacring civilians.
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    I think a nation that is under fire should do whatever it takes to both deter further opposing fire and make sure their own citizens are safe
    if israel has to attack palestine because they attacked first with further aggression than the first strike then I think they're justified in that approach
    hamas should never have fought them in the first place; if they're asking for war, they clearly got some.
Updated: August 3, 2014
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