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ODP (Operating Department Practice) 2011 anyone?

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    A mate in my college has had hers and they asked questions such as basically why do you want to do the course? why should they take you onto there nhs course? they also gave her intubation, the tube that is inserted into your trachea during an opertaion, and she had to put it together.
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    How many questions was there in total do you know? Thx for mentioning about the instrument, that was rly scaring me. I know they may give us something else, but nevertheless everything helps! x
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    (Original post by Hwignall)
    has anyone had an interview at uclan yet? if so i was just wondering what questions they asked you for the ODP course? i have got an interview on the 7th of April!!!
    Hey Hwignall, I have my interview on the 7th too at 1:30pm good luck! I may even bump into you
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    I've had an interview at UCLAN, didn't get in though.

    The interview was less than 10 mins! Not at all what I expected, to be honest. The interview questions, I thought were pretty basic. You are given a Laryngoscope, which you have to put back together.

    I've been accepted at Staffs Uni - start 2012. Now that was an interview!

    Good luck to all those who have yet to have interviews.

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    Can't rly get to know you in ten mins...congrats on your place anyways skyblue! x
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    im panicking now!!!
    ive got an interview at uclan on 7th of april at 9.30am! applied to edge hill for april, had an interview, everything was great but didnt get in due to limited spaces! im on the reserve list for edge hill but not building my hopes! im stressing about uclan!!! any tips for an interview, i was asked to prepare a writen piece of work for an interview, pls help!!!
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    I had my interview at the UEA, they only asked me a few questions (probably because when I get nervous I dont stop talking) and so I answered most of the questions before they could ask them. My interview was about 35 mins in total. The interviewers gave no clues as to how you did so it was guess work and I was over the moon when they gave me an unconditional offer yippee!

    My interview was quite easy I turned up and talked alot, but some other interviews sound really tough and nasty! Anyone applying good luck!
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    Which Uni do you think is better for ODP .. Oxford Brookes or UEA?
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    We can do this!!!!!!! Talk at interview about transferrable skills ie. initiative; teamwork; communication; adaptability/flexability; leadership; problem solving; interpersonal skills. within think of examples of each. eg. communication: talking; listening;resonding; writing; body language or teamwork: leadership; delegating; committment; problem solving. ODPs work at th critcal end of patient care. b4 during and after. b4 is about caring for th patients physiological and psychological wellbeing holistically caring for the patient. Acting as an advocate; empowerment and autonomyand ethics are very important ie informed consent is given in th assessment but if th patient was anxious and refused the proceedure even after consent you have to respect their wishes and advocate for their needs to other health professionals. patient care is th most important. working alongside multdisciplinary TEAM each with a very important part to play during surgery. wanting the best possible outcome for th patient. infection control. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE. MY INTERVIEW IS TUESDAY SO iL COME ON AND GIVE YOU FEEDBACK WHICH MIGHT HELP UXX KEEP TH FAITH!!!!
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    Hey everyone, I got into uclan sept 2011! Interview was on monday, is anyone else going to be joining me? Goodluck to everyone who has interviews/replies still to come, inno how stressful it is! x
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    Congradulations!!!!! Edge hill said I gave an excellent interview. Wont find out for another wk. did you get ur decision on th ucas or letter. made up for u.
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    Thanks, I got an email with an ucas update..and I logged on and there it was! They said at interview they would tell us all pretty quickly, as they didn't want us accepting offers elsewhere. Fingers crossed for you, I reckon you'll be fine! xx
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    (Original post by jdwilsh)
    Hey Hwignall, I have my interview on the 7th too at 1:30pm good luck! I may even bump into you
    hey Jdwilsh have you heard back from the interview day yet?
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    I'm still waiting to hear back from Edge hill!! Sooo nervous!! xx
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    Aw don't be nervous! Saying that I was a wreck with nerves last week hehe.

    Just wanted to post to anyone interested, if you have received all unsucessfuls for odp and your able to move away, leicester university is still taking applicants for their autumn intake, deadline 19 th june. Its not done thru ucas either, its an internal application. You order application pack from their website odp page. Hope this helps a few ppl. Xx
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    I still waiting for Edge Hill to. They will leave it til day ten and the trackin is down late afternoon friday. bumber!!! Day eight 2day and I am on th edge of my seat. I have no fingernails left. ha
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    Wooo - More ODP's :-D

    My choices were

    Glasgow Caladonian..DipHE - Interview - Withdrawn
    Teeside......................Dip HE - Interview - Withdrawn
    Cardiff........................D ipHE - Interview - Conditional Firm
    Canterbury.................BSc - Interview - Conditional Insurance
    Northumbria...............DipHE - Interview - Withdrawn

    Anyone else heading to Cardiff in 2011 ???
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    I got into the UEA to do the ODP course. Is anyone else going there?
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    Hi everyone, Iv got mu uclan interview on 9th May. After readin all this i think iv got a lot of research to do. Readin that i may have to put a laryngoscope back together is quite daunting :s
    i just assumed it would be about putting yourself across in the right way and proving your right for the course, showing your commitment and ambition for the job and the university itself.
    Any info or insight would b great. thnx
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    The impression uclan gave is, they want ppl with no commitments. Someone who isn't likely to drop out on them and waste a place, because either they; cannot handle the workload for whatever reason, can't cope with the travelling to the parent hospital/university, don't want/can't relocate into accommodation and then turns up late to the hospital, can't cope financially...6k sounds alot a year but will soon go, also some ppl app can't cope with a younger mentor than themselves and being told wat to do in that it causes friction/bad atmosphere and someone who can't cope with the long hours on their feet and these can include late shifts and weekend work. Difficult if you have young children. I've been told its like a full time job with part time student study thrown in. They will tell you all this during a presentation before you get interviewed. I think its completely fair, its just the reality of the course and it's better to kno these things before you start. Gl with your interview! x
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