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ODP (Operating Department Practice) 2011 anyone?

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    Oh and the dexterity test is nothing to worry about! They show you how to do it first and everything
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    Thanks popoporoo. U got offered a place at uclan didnt you for sept 11.
    thats what im hopin for. Applied at edge hill aswel but not heart anything yet.
    Uclan my first choice tho. looking for a challenging career, active and rewarding, and id b living at uni so hopefully everything will run smoothly.
    did they ask any questions that were tricky or that they want a really good reply to?
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    Aye I did, edge hill are apparently giving their decisions around the 29th of april. Nope it wasn't as intense as I thought it was going to be like scenarios etc, it was more get to know me orientated questions, very laid back. That's why I think they care more about whether you can cope on the course, rather than trying to test your interviewing skills. I mean I was very nervous, they could probably tell and so I just apologised and they were very understanding. Just make sure you know the role of an odp inside and out aha! Honestly, its nothing to worry about x
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    Oh inno u prob already kno this but dress smartly, smile n make eye contact and whatever you do don't be late!! And even though your nervous try n be chatty to the others, in that I think they want someone with a friendly personality n a gsoh. x
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    hey popoporoo, i had an interview at UCLAN on thursday the 7th april still havnt heard anything back! how long after your interview did you have to wait before you heard anything?
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    A few days, but that doesn't mean to say you haven't got in, because I kno someone else who is waiting to hear back n has rang uclan, who said they still have some outstanding decisions to make
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    Thanx popoporoo. Put me at ease there lol i should be alright then if its mostly about their impressions of you rather than trying to test you. Thanks for the advice and il let u know how i get on x
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    Hi, I have an interview for ODP at Uclan on the 10th June.

    Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice for it and what to expect. Thanks x
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    Hi Geets, i had a interview at UCLAN on the 7th of April and have just found out that i have a unconditional offer yaaaaaay The interview is really relaxed, just be yourself, relax and try to come across as a friendly person. The questions aren’t that hard either it was just things like; first tell us a bit about yourself hobbies etc. Why do you want to be a ODP? Why do you think you would be a good ODP? Make sure you know the role of a ODP inside out, and make sure you have thought about finance, travelling to the hospital etc, to make sure they know that you are serious about a place. And finally the dexterity test, it is nothing to worry about they take apart a laryngoscope in front of you and ask you to put it back together, but don’t worry if you cant work it out the main thing that they are looking for is that you stay calm and think about it logically and don’t panic!! But I’m sure you will be able to do it.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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    Congrats on getting in =) Thanks for the advice, makes me feel a little better about it =) still nervous though lol. Thanks =) x
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    Congrats Hwiginall! Ill be seeing you in sept! Just wanted to say to geets, gl on your upcoming interview and check out youtube videos on how to build a laryngoscope. Shows you on there how to take it apart and back together. Also odp talk forum is a great place, google it. Got loads of helpful peeps, student odps and qualified. Got in depth information on the roles too. x
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    Thanks popoporoo =) will look at some youtube vids and hopefully I should be ok x
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    Hi there
    I have my interview for ODP at UCLAN on the 10th of June just wondering what other people used as there choice of topic for the essay.....?
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    I wrote about the quality of nhs pallative care, after I saw the programme dispatches. I was initially going to do about the nhs reforms, but it was too complicated to fit in 500 words.
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    Hia, i have an interview on 21st june 9am at edge hill, just wondering does anybody else?
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    Hi chloegibney yes my interveiw is tomorrow too x
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    Hi all, I have an interview at University of Leicester on 19th july to start in October. I actually bricking it! This was not my first choice as a profession and only applied recently, so i would love any information or links you ladies have found that would enable me to do well at this interview. I also have no experience just an access course that i finished recently with merit's and distinction's. All i know about this interview is that it consists of 6 10min interviews.I think this is a bit daunting and like speed dating as in that i dont think I will be able to show the best of me to 6 different people.
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    Hi Pachey

    Well done on getting an interview, hope it all goes well for you.

    I did a bit of research of the course and roll of an ODP. I found the site "ODP Talk" helpful. They have a forum etc, don't know if your aware of it. I believe there is another one, but unsure of it's name.

    Just do your homework.......10 mins for an interview is not alot of time. Sounds similar to the one I had at UCLAN. Wasn't for me though.
    I've secured a place at Staffs Uni, starting March 2012.

    Good luck
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    Thank you sky blue x
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    I have found this thread helpful.
    Pachey i got an interview on the 20th @ leicester jus hope it all goes well.
    Good luck on yours.
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