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    Does any one know how competitive the postgraduate taught masters in English are at Tsinghua University?

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    Hi besides the MBA and possibly the LLM they are not competitive at all. I applied to the international relations masters while I was studying abroad and got accepted even before the assigned deadline (which hasn't even arrived yet) even though I withdrew my application after getting into LSE and Peking University. The quality of students and english professors going to these programs is debatable though. I know one of the teachers teaching IR at tsinghua and he doesn't even have a phD. He has a masters from SAIS which is fine but not the same. Also it seems when its time to write your thesis you have to choose a topic CONVENIENT for the professor not what you want to study. A girl I met told her her professor is doing research on southeast asian security so basically told her "this topic is great why don't you do it" even though she was from singapore and she had no interest in it. The students I've met are not the most intellectually or academically driven. Their theory is, China will take over the world, I don't speak good Chinese, so might as well get an english masters with the Tsinghua brand and see where it takes me so might as well party. Tsinghua campus is ok but the FOOD IS AMAZING. There are over 13 cafeterias and the food is to die for. The pineapple chicken and the taoli cafeteria is manna from heaven. If you are interested in international relations I'd suggest PKU's english masters program but the reverse problem is there. PKU's program is a bit older with 4 years running and are trying to be a legitimate program that will attract the best of the best western students. The average gpa for admitted students last yearwas a 3.6 or a high 2:1 honors. They have been actively recruiting from US Ivy League and top 20 schools this years since studying Chinese IR is becoming a hot topic in America. Also the real profs that speak fluent english from the IR school teach. I personally know a few of them and their english is fluent and completely understandable and they are quite brilliant.
    If you are into engineering be prepared to be disappointed. The professors english in general are very poor and from what I hear prefer working with Chinese students rather than foreigners due to different student cultures. Tsinghua engineering is the MIT of Asia but from what I understand from my foreigner friends there. The local professors who got their degrees abroad would rather the foreign student work at their lab and help them get into their program (my friend who worked for a nanotech researcher who did his phD at stanford got into CMU and Stanford for his phD after his professor called his old advisor and raved about my friend). If you can go to an engineering program, do it at a Chinese taught one so you at least get the attention from the professor. English taught engineering masters are after thoughts.
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    PKU_Research007 is right. The English programs are not competitive to get into at all. However, if you are interested in non-engineering topics, I would recommend you investigate Beida. It is the to Tsinghua as Yale is to MIT. PS. If you plan on living in China, I strongly recommend you study Chinese while there.
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    Yes Mike is right but it takes years to build up the competency to be able to use Chinese in an academic setting, most of the foreigners in Beijing in their 20s that study chinese at these universities or come from the UK (no offense) and USA universities claim they are fluent enough to sit in academic classes only to realize how sorely wrong they are. My advice to anyone interested in studying in China, and you don't have at least 5-6 years of Chinese under your belt, is apply for the blakemore grants or freedman grants so you can take intensive programs like princeton in beijing or IUP Tsinghua. Even some of the white people I know who are doing their phD at Tsinghua are struggling because they don't have the grasp of Chinese they thought they had. And don't trust the HSK, my bff is a tutor and she says its the biggest joke exam in the world. Her students that have passed advanced can barely survive china with just using chinese lol.
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    *removed, sorry*
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    Foreigners aren't given scholarships to masters courses in China fyi....we are their biggest cash cows. I don't know where you got that idea about scholarships.
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    hi friends,

    i m an international student.
    , i plan to study master of advanced computing(english) in tsinghua,
    my intention is to get into research field likely phd (machine learning )..
    i was accepted by world renowned [email protected], n his profile is really awesome..
    i had been in china for 6months before, i could speak basic mandarin,
    due to funding issues in other countries(usa etc), i could not able to proceed further..
    i hope i could get some scholarship or RA positions in tsinghua while studying , hence some sort of funding support is there..

    pls let me know your opinion on this..

    Thank you!
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    Did anyone of you get accepted already? I got an unofficial mail that I was accepted to the Management Science and Engineering Program. They told me that I will receive the official result and the admission package in June.
    From what schools did you graduate?
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    Is this an english program? If so good luck having no employability after grad school
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    (Original post by PKU_Research007)
    Is this an english program? If so good luck having no employability after grad school
    With a personality like yours you should be worrying about that after grad school!
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    says the poser pretending science po is a legit IR school....
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    I would say that Sciences Po does have a legit IA program. And learn how to spell it before dissing it. Thanks.
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    (Original post by PKU_Research007)
    says the poser pretending science po is a legit IR school....
    What are you talking about?!

    I am sick of your arrogance! So I take it you have studied at every university in the World that offers international affairs?

    You have done a couple of internships....that does not mean you are the authority on the study of international relations. Get over yourself.
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    I finally got to know the students who are taking part in the Management Science and Engineering Program. Tsinghua just recruited from the best universities in each country all over the world. Which includes Columbia, USC, Imperial, Aaachen, POLIMI, UPV. So I guess this program is going to be quite good. Btw. I am not worried about jobs. My employer gives me two years off and I have a good position in a company with more than 150,000 employees worldwide. And btw. success depends not on schools but on personality.
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    Hi guys, i got accepted for an exchange at Tsinghua in Management. I am not sure whether to accept it.

    Could some of you who actually studied there share his or her experience?
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    I have also applied for masers in Management sciences and Engineering. any could guide me in this regard.
    any who also studies the same program could help.


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