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lads: what you think...

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    no..your hot girl......straight hair though defo
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    (Original post by Dude Where's My Username)
    No lighty from me

    You look better in the photos with less fakeness (Y)
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    A no likey, no lighty from me I'm afraid.

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    for some reason i dont think its really you though.....cos you look like the kinda person who knows there hot...maybe your trying to embarass this girl cos your jealous of her??
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    I'd tap but would never approach or pay attention to
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    You're obviously very pretty, so why do you wear so much makeup? It doesn't make you look better, you look worse. Also, duckface looks ridiculous. Get rid of the duck face and tone down the make up and you'd look just fine.
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    Actually I change my mind, you're not attractive.

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    i think you look good but will look way better without foundation lips and with a smile , but if you think you look good that's all that matters
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    So much duck face...
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    hm 7.5/10
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    The amount of make up you're wearing makes you look surprised :O

    I bet you'd look nicer with less/without it.
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    Too much make up, especially the foundation on your lips, but you would get away with it without the huge fake lashes.
    Nevertheless I would stove you any day of the week bar the sabbath.
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    TOO MUCH! I'm a girl with a lot of guy mates and the first response they would give about you is "****". I hear boys joking about this look all the time and you will not get treated with much respect from first impressions. You may get the attention but I promise you it's not good attention. You have pretty features try swapping foundation to a powder or bronzer that you can put on with a brush. Use a red/pink lipstick rather than making your lips the same colour of you skin. Put mascara on the top eyelashes only but don't over do it and avoid false eyelashes try curling them instead. Add a bit of eyeliner to the top lid, avoid putting it on the bottom lid because it will make your eyes look to small for your head. Try some of these tips and post a pic so you and others can compare!
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    (Original post by anisaa93(:)
    i tried
    Is that honestly how you smile?

    The irony is that there's a smiley face in your username, but you don't know how to smile.

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    Waaaaay too much make up.
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    Ask pod.
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    (Original post by anisaa93(:)
    is this much acceptabl? a bit new this onee

    which look is best?
    you remind me of one of my friends, she's stunning, though i think if you wore less make up you would look alot nicer, you dont need it all, you're naturally pretty
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    Makeup's fine, but for ****'s sake, girls need to stop pulling that face with the pursed lips. Jesus.
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    (Original post by basketofsnakes)
    lmfao at ur sig
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    (Original post by Nerd_No_More)
    Nice. You'd look good with a cig in your mouth too, I get turned on by girls who smoke.
    seriously? why can i ask? think she's better with her mouth? lmao (sorry couldn't risist that one) x
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