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AQA modules 2nd March ?B1a B1b C1a C1b P1a P1b

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    (Original post by nikil2020)
    yeah i put block the pipes to ive seen this question before so im pretty sure its correct but the other part to it made me cry it was unbearbale
    Yeahh i knoww... i had to guess it all :/
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    (Original post by Alex_55)
    I was retaking P1a in an attempt to get an A* overall in Core Science.

    I actually found P1a today alright. It wasn't very maths-heavy like some of the past papers I did. Which is good, I suck at maths >_<.
    oh you think you got an a*, i swear for some of the questions, there were like two possible answers but there was lots on conduction, convection and radiation! i wanted more maths!! didnt have much time on 9D so i had to guess 600 kj lol
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    Does anyone have the march 2012 paper


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