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who has offers from the university of liverpool?

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    MEng Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies : ABB

    MEng Avionics Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies : ABB

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    All th halls have good and bad points, I'm at Rankin in Carnatic, which is meant to be the worse of the halls off campus, however, I wouldn't change it for the world, without doubt I'd say facility wise Dale was the best hall on campus(Own laundry, squash courts, library, pool table, snooker table, massive TV room etc etc.

    As for the halls themselves, food is pretty much the same at both, and as for busses, often there's little room left for those at Greenbank by the time the bus gets to them.

    As for rooms, on the whole Greenbank rooms are nicer than Carnatic's, but it's accepted that carnatic has a better atmosphere.
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    marine biology BBB im hoping for a vet science one too, or an anatomy one
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    maths and philosophy: ABB (B in maths) should be ok i'm thinking
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    European Film Studies and French: BBB
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    English lang/lit AAB
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    i've applied for sociology but havent heard off ucas yet, how long does it normally take? does anyone know what the uni's like? & what the accomodations like there??
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    Aero eng 32 points + 5 and 5 in maths and physics..
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    I got ABB for philosophy. I really loved it when I went to vist, but I'm sorely tempted by the absence of fees in Scotland.
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    Fees in Scotland are not free for English.
    only for the EU.
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    fees in scotland though are a LOT cheaper - around £1000 i think my friend told me =/
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    Meh, Being Irish and all, and having lived here for less than three years. Any longer and it would be just reduced fees.
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    Just got my offer for medicine, see you guys in september
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    Vet sci AB offer
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    Bioveterinary Science - BBB
    Anatomy and Human Biology - AAB
    Marine Biology - BBB
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    Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
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    My firm conditional is from Liverpool to do single honours French (BBB)
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    1st: dentistry AAB
    2nd: accounting BBB
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    Conditional for English... now I can't decide
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    i cant decide either


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