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The worst food moments in life.

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    when you're so hungry but there isn't any food whatsoever
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    Was drunk and while in an indian thought it would be a good idea to eat half a red chilli, the next day rough was not a good enough word!
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    Also when you've got a food which has a cooked filling, and the exterior is merely warm, so you simply assume that it's safe. What ensues is you bite through the casing, pull it into your mouth, then the MOLTEN HOT FILLING makes contact with your tongue, totally burning any sense of taste and thus ruining the entire eating experience from bite number one.

    You KNOW the common offenders... stuff like THESE bastodges:

    Munching experience... RUINED.
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    (Original post by milkytea)
    For me, realising when I accidently ate meat (I'm vegetarian)
    definitely the worst food moment of my life - i've been a vegetarian since I was born
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    (Original post by Melting Sugar.)
    definitely the worst food moment of my life - i've been a vegetarian since I was born
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    (Original post by Bella Occhi)
    Biting into a garlic clove. :zomg:
    I actually love this! You can buy giant green olives, each one has an entire clove of garlic inside. They are lush!

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    Getting ice cream from the freezer and discovering it's rock-hard and can't be scooped. I've broken/bent countless spoons because of this.
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    The paninis they sell at uni, is this cheese or is it mayo? That is the question
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    Picture the scene. A pot of pringles and you. Your favourite flavour. You pop open the lid and can smell the Pringle scent waft up in your direction..you see your friends around you have noticed the smell, they give you a look. Should I? I kinda have to be polite. You offer round. Of course, they accept. Why did you allow yourself to think they might say "no, i'm alright" for a moment. A little while later the pot makes it's way back to you. It's practically empty. All you have left is to drink the crumbs..
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    Heating an indian takeaway. Took my curry out of the microwave, ready to enjoy its gorgeous tastiness, only to drop my entire plate on the floor. I literally just fell to the floor and wept. I felt like my life was over.
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    I think I was about 12-13 and was having some pastry and accidentally had an onion that tasted rotten and felt like puking......not good it was
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    Making a lemon fussilli and accidentally dropping a pip into the sauce and not being able to scoop it out. I thought if I gave myself a tiny little portion and my husband a larger one that he would have more chance of getting it than I would. Needless to say I got it and pulled the most ridiculous sour/bitter face in existance and couldn't eat a bite more. I guess that's karma!
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    (Original post by screenager2004)
    I actually love this! You can buy giant green olives, each one has an entire clove of garlic inside. They are lush!

    Blehhh! :p:
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    Oh, and don't forget "Waiting 35 minutes in a restaurant abroad, and when our meals come out trying to season them with salt only to find the previous joker had unscrewed the salt shaker topper".


    Me being me, I actually TRIED to taste it, but it just tasted like forkfuls of salt. I said to the waiter what had happened, and he shook his head and shrugged in a "I don't know what you want me to do about it" manner.

    So we got McDonalds on the way back to the hotel.
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    (Original post by Melting Sugar.)
    definitely the worst food moment of my life - i've been a vegetarian since I was born
    Me too.

    However, the awful moment when you sink your fork into a cooked tomato and it erupts a molten hot jet stream of juicy innards over your nice clean shirt or over the person sitting opposite you. Awkward.

    An alternative, but equally painful experience is biting into a cooked tomato, naively expecting it to be cool enough to eat only to have your tongue instantly blistered and coated in hot tomato-ey juice. Not good.
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    (Original post by MelissaJayne)
    Or, alternatively, you could buy a Yorkie? :rolleyes:
    Noo that's just nowhere near as exciting. And the chocolate tastes different.

    (Original post by sugar_and_spice)
    Yeah I hate sea food aswell! I was chewing it and my cousin pointed to the sign saying "squid rings" with the most malicious grin on his face. Spat it straight out!
    I don't get it. Didn't you realise you disliked the taste while you were chewing? If not... then, well you probably like squid rings :P
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    I baked a cake the other week, a nice chocolate victoria sponge which I must have made like 10 times and its usually pretty perfect. I took it out of the oven and left it to cool for a bit in the tin. Usually I just leave them in there for like 5 minutes and then turn it out on the the rack but this time I was distracted whilst making a lemon drizzle cake (it was baking day, usually a fantastic day with a feast of cakes!!!). When I went to turn the cakes onto the rack the both crumbled everywhere, completely ruined. I was so devastated, I just cried haha! It was pathetic :P Then I tried to make like all the kings horses and all the kings men and try and piece it back together with a load of icing but the icing ran out. It was not a good time!!
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    (Original post by Jade2009)
    Doesn't happen to me now but when food (e.g. yoghurt) used to explode in my school bag as a kid. Or when my water bottle would leak all over my school books.

    I also hate it when I dip biscuits into tea and it falls in! Or when I get up in the morning to make a cup of tea, and then find out that there's no milk/teabags. Such a disappointment.

    I don't know why, but when I go out to a restaurant, the other person's food always looks more appealing than my own. That's always annoying.
    Food envy I've discovered the only way to avoid it, is to order the same :cool:
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    (Original post by bananacake14)
    Food envy I've discovered the only way to avoid it, is to order the same :cool:
    Or order both and "share"
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    It's been a long day at work/university/school. You figure you'll give youself a treat and break from cooking and buy a ready meal. You cruise the supermarket isle looking for something sufficiently tasty. Bingo! A meal which looks promisingly delicious makes it's way into the trolley.

    You get home and put it in the oven. 20 minutes later you take it out and serve it. It looks...Well, don't judge a book by its cover they say - it might taste better than it looks! You take a bite and it tastes like....cardboard?!? Sick realisation dawns on you as you run to find the cardboard sheath it came in. "Please no" you beg "not again.." As you look down at the packaging, your worst fears are confirmed "ONLY 4% FAT!" the little green sticker smugly declares. Damn you weightwatchers! Damn you!


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