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Cambridge Applicants for 2012 entry

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    It shouldn't be a problem - I'd imagine that this thread will get stickied before too long. Good luck with your application - could I ask what you're applying for and if you've chosen a College yet?
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    I will be applying for Maths at St. Johns (probably).

    My A levels are Maths, FM, Phy, Latin, Greek

    I got 11 A*s at GCSE
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    I think I´ll apply for Education, but I´m not sure what I should choose as a second subject. Probably Music or History :-)

    I also don´t know yet which college I like best, but Christ´s sounds great.
    But I´ve heard that most of the Education students end up at Homerton´s anyway.
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    Might be applying from uni this year, unsure. Anyway PPS @ Downing if I do decide to.
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    As someone who went through this process but a short few months ago, I am here to help so if you want any advice for anything from college choice to personal statements, and particularly questions for History, feel free to PM me. However just to say that other than looking more into the university and perhaps thinking about some reading to be doing, largely there's not a lot to do - just good luck with your examinations in the summer
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    Thanks a lot :-)
    I´ll send you quite a lot of PMs I guess...
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    :laugh: Keen beans! Good luck everyone with their applications!
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    This actually sort of makes me feel old...
    Good luck, work hard and don't be put off by doing badly at interview. I'm also appy to answer any questions
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    I feel almost nostalgic

    Focus on your summer exams for now, but feel free to PM me about the application process maths people
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    I'm also applying this year
    Land Economy. Christ's or Clare. Don't have any idea which one I should choose
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    I'm hoping to apply this year too! It feels like I've been bugging everybody on the Cambridge forums for ages already (sorry, guys...)

    If I end up applying (still not sure!:confused:), it'll be for MML, German and Spanish, possibly at Pembroke. I just need to see how my Spanish goes this year.

    We had an admissions guy from Downing college in school to talk to us today, but there are only two of us applying from my school. I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing.

    Good luck everyone! :ciao:
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    hey kiddies, i'm sitting on an offer for linguistics this year! any questions about ling/ king's college/ newnham college, send 'em my way :awesome:

    good luck everyone :cookie:
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    Hello people
    I got an offer for medicine for 2011 entry (Murray edwards)
    if anyone has any questions about exams, grades, admission tests, interviews (lol i had 7!! so i'm kinda a medicine interview guru ), feel free to PM or quote me
    Good luck!
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    (Original post by Welsh Lady)
    Thanks a lot :-)
    I´ll send you quite a lot of PMs I guess...
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    Hi, im hoping to apply for medicine 2012, but im finding it hard to choose a college...How did u guys choose a college, was it by reading the prospectus, or by actually going there and getting a 'feel' for the college.

    Also I just got first AS exams, all A's but not all 90%, is there still hope?
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    (Original post by TEEN_GALORE)
    Hi, im hoping to apply for medicine 2012, but im finding it hard to choose a college...How did u guys choose a college, was it by reading the prospectus, or by actually going there and getting a 'feel' for the college.

    Also I just got first AS exams, all A's but not all 90%, is there still hope?
    Read through the prospectus first, and decide whether you want an older colleges, or a newer one, one in the centre, or further out. Then go an visit and see which one you like the most;
    Ps Caius is the big 'medicine college' and take the most applicants
    Aww dont worry about your results, as long as its not Trinity, you should be fine
    good luck!
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    I am undecided atm.
    If I do apply, it will be for philosophy at either Clare, Selwyn or Homerton.
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    In terms of how best to look at colleges, I think what I did might make sense. It's hard to spend a lot of time in Cambridge, so if you're only doing a day trip (which of course you really should before you consider applying), rather than doing college open days go preferably during term time, or during the summer when all the international students paying for a summer holiday at Cambridge turn up.

    I went on the alternative prospectus from CUSU (far better than the university one for finding out about colleges), with the requirements that I wanted to stumble out of bed to the history department, that I wanted music practice rooms, and a decent priced pint. You may have different or similar requirements. I narrowed it down to six, in August I emailed the admissions tutors to see if any could see me. All the colleges invited me to look round unaccompanied, Queens and Kings met me for a quick discussion, and really it was just falling in love with Kings once I'd had a look round that did it for me.

    So that's what I'd recommend. Make a shortlist, spend a day walking round Cambridge, and then decide from there.
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    Hey, you can email me for any queries, whether it is about AS grades, modules, maths in general or the CSAS :yep:
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    Just thought I'd draw your attention to the Cambridge Sticky, it has a lot of useful links and so on in the first post, and below that is a list of current students (sorted by subject and college) who are willing to be contacted with questions.
Updated: November 8, 2011
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