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Gap Year 2009-10 Chat Thread II

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    why, whats it on? :woo:
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    I'm doing a project on 6 non-native speakers of English and looking at their learning type i.e. visual, kinesthetic etc. and then what they do to learn vocab, grammar etc i.e. memorising techniques, usage of books. and I am seeing if there is any correlation between the two and if this is in any way related to gender
    I've just wrote my methodology and profiles for the 6 and I'd like to write up my results but I need to ask my tutor a question.
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    1000 isn't the word count by the way, it's just what I have to do today before I am allowed sex
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    I accidentally went AWOL in celebration of finishing my essay :sexface:

    I went into town and bought some really nice shorts: http://www.jackwills.com/Store/Produ...tion=010227184
    Which IRL are SO much nicer and theyre darker and there are buttons up both sides that undo

    And a really nice dress from ARK that isn't on their website so I can't show you

    Then I went to York to have dinner with my friends, missed the last train back so stayed overnight and then shopped today and had lunch out and now I'm back

    I haven't done my sem prep for tomorrow, or tues or thurs, or started my other THREE essays but I don't care! Indulged in a couple of glasses of red and I'm alllll goooood.
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    Wow they are massively expensive :indiff:
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    oh my goodness they are :woo: lol
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    They're really nice though :sexface: special treat for finishing my essay. Was going to get a gilet but saw thousands of little girls getting them... off putting to the max.

    I've definitely spent way too much money this weekend though, worked out it's about £145. Whoops. Oh well, the last three weeks I spent NOTHING so it's balanced out okay.
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    >_< hopefully!
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    Holy ****, my entire shopping bag on the New Look website comes to £50 something...

    trying to find a summer job. It's not happening. Mum's likely to be made redundant early now, so being at home for the summer may not really be an option.
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    Wow >.<

    1013 WORDS!!!!!!!!!
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    It's not that bad considering how much I get a week, but I just so so so rarely spend all of it.

    I just had a really impromptu nice evening, I'd come back and chatted to my closest friend on my floor (who I'm living with next year) and then a chat with a really nice friend who I'm not living with, then headed to my room to prep for bed. Nipped out to the loo and was collared and the girls were like WINE, PANCAKES, MUSIC, NOW!

    And we've just spent the last couple of hours making pancakes in the kitchen, drinking wine and listening to all those songs that are just brilliant to sing along to.

    Now I'm drunk, happy, unprepared for tomorrow's seminar, ha.

    EDIT: Also I feel your pain PC, I neeeeed a job for summer! Hope your mum isn't made redundant though . My parents are quitting/retiring soon. Dad's worked where he is for 25 years and is due but mum feels like she's under too much pressure, and she's right in the middle of her bonus review and she's not feeling too happy.
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    Ah thanks My mum's deffo being made redundant though, we're just not sure when. If she can stay in work over the summer it'll be fine, but if not... I'm not sure what we'll do. We'll cope, but it'll be a crap summer, that's for sure.

    Failed at waking up today. Alarm went off at 7, I woke up at 0740 ¬_¬
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    Woo new thread I am away for a few days, come back and this is what we have haha

    Anybody else getting lovely weather where they are?
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    I walked to lecture without a coat on!

    Then I came out and it was freezing again D:
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    lol! It's warm here, so warm in fact we had the first bbq party of the year yesterday
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    haha that's scary!

    Really fancying a sausage sammich, but my sausages are frozen. Bummer.
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    can't you cook them from frozen?
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    I am going to my class with no coat on

    So busy today. I am now back at uni, and I am thinking of doing that kellogs drop a jean size diet but with something for lunch. I'll see what there is at the supermarket . I also want to spend an hour at the gym, and I have classes and project meetings all day. I also need to start learning for my French test on Thursday and I want to start writing up my results (aim of getting to 1150 words). So bleugh!
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    Nina, don't do that diet thing. It's crap. You're actually better off eating junk food to the same value of the calories you'd take in a day on that diet, as you'd lose more weight that way because you're more satisfied and less hungry. It's bull****.

    You shouldn't really cook them from frozen cos it's hard to get them evenly cooked. Having curry instead


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