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Gap Year 2009-10 Chat Thread II

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Help us uncover the truth about exam cheats – is cheating ever ok? What if you wouldn't get caught? 27-06-2016
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    Oh I see pc!

    Yes nina don't do that diet thing, it has been proven that it is actually not good for you at all as you miss out on other important nutrients!

    It's quite scary how many girls, even some women, have taken an interest in me since I've started American Football :s
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    i have a total of £20......... still got nothing to wear for the lipsy interview :/
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    Use them for sex then :awesome:

    OK. I just wish all the healthy food wasn't so expensive! I mean, I could buy 2 meals for £2, but one healthy meal is double that :sad:
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    (Original post by SpiritedAway)
    Use them for sex then :awesome:

    OK. I just wish all the healthy food wasn't so expensive! I mean, I could buy 2 meals for £2, but one healthy meal is double that :sad:
    have you got a morrisons? potatoes, parsnips, carrots, a load of fruit etc its all 30p each atm
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    No, just a tescos.
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    really? ours last for ages...
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    Tesco has plenty plenty plenty of cheap **** there. If your supermarket veg isn't cheap enough though, go to the market. Our one here is SO much better value. Obvs things that are in cans/packets are generally a week within their expiration date (not that it often counts for anything) but the produce is all fresh and nice.
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    ok, for my interview i am planning to wear a pastel pink tee/tank, a pencil skirt, tights, heels, and either a blazer or cardigan, with a nice necklace. that sound ok? colour suggestions welcome...
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    Nina, you really need to learn to cook from fresh. I made a chicken curry last night - it cost me less than a fiver for all the ingredients, and that's about 6 meals worth.

    Also, Alex's right - go to the local market, especially at the end of the day when they're starting to give stuff away almost.
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    tescos is by far one of the most expensive supermarkets. If asda were in walking distance, I'd go there :p:. But yeah, given the choice, I'd avoid tescos because it's just too expensive.
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    Inky that sounds fantastic
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    Tesco?! Seriously? Nina, no way haha.

    I wish everyone on my ****ing course would stop asking me for help with everything. They don't even bother asking their tutors, or Google, they come straight to me and I'm getting pissed off with it.
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    Tesco isn't at all expensive even in the general scheme of things! Of the main ones it goes Asda, Morrisons/Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose/M&S.

    Plus they always have **** loads of deals on, and when you get a clubcard you get all of if back (for the price of your soul).
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    ahaha just keep telling them you don't know and then they'll stop and think you don't know :p:

    Won't make the gym again tonight. I think I'll wake up early and go tomorrow morning. Now just been given another assignment to do and things are pretty hectic here :/
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    My Clubcard is a God. So many free meals at Pizza Express thanks to that baby...
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    Plus you get all the vouchers. I miss mine, but I don't shop at tesco anymore anyway!
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    I cheat, I have a key fob on B's keys, so when he goes to buy juice and such he gets the points for me too

    SO TIRED. Need to pack for tomorrow though!
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    Nina, don't worry, I'm also in the process of doing just that

    this one girl I know, her mums hitting on me through facebook and I dunno what to do or how to take it! lmao
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    Block her ffs, that's weird.

    Why can I not find a damn pencil skirt ANYWHERE?
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    Older woman :sexface:

    No seriously, block her. I agree with PC, it's creepy :/. Imagine if that girl found out - she'd be mortified.


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