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Oldest/youngest person you've dated and/or had sex with?

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    What's the oldest & youngest person you've dated and/or had sex with? How did you get together/how did it work out?

    First girlfriend was fifteen when we started going out/sixteen when we lost our virginities. Dated a girl two years younger than I. In terms of gap, I've had sex with people five years older/younger either side (recently--the younger was 18, the older was 28).
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    Does w*nking count?

    If so - 12 and 24.
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    Oldest was my last boyfriend, 5 years older than me. I don't really date younger guys.
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    My age : 16

    Oldest sex = 16
    Youngest sex = 16

    Oldest dated = 26
    Youngest dated 16

    Oldest kissed = 26
    Youngest kissed 15
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    Youngest = 15
    Oldest = 21
    My current age = 19.
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    Ohhh the lies to follow... HAHAAA

    Oldest 28, some fit woman, she's totally interested in some geeky 16yrold pre-pubescent boy like me... I think the glasses turn her on

    Oldest 22 I was 17
    Dated 19 I was 17
    Current 18, im 18
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    Youngest - 17
    Oldest - 33

    I'm 25. :P
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    Oldest 22, youngest 18, I'm 18
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    (Original post by Miss Communication)
    Youngest - 17
    Oldest - 33

    I'm 25. :P
    you don't look 25:cool:
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    oldest guy i dated was only a few months older than me.
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    I don't date younger guys. Oldest was like 22.. I'm 18.
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    (Original post by Casshern1456)
    you don't look 25:cool:
    So I've been told.
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    I've never been with anyone with a big age gap; my ex was a year and a half (one academic year) older than me and my current boyfriend is about 7 months older than me (I'm one of the younger people in my year).

    I have no problem with big age gaps in relationships but I'm yet to meet anyone significantly older or younger who I have a lot in common with or am attracted to.
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    Oldest 27. Youngest 20. Bit of an age gap there. I'm 28.
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    Had sex with a 13 year old, oldest was I think nearly 30
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    (Original post by Miss Communication)
    So I've been told.
    I mean you look younger at least I'd have guessed you younger..
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    Youngest was 3.14159..., oldest was OVER 9000!!!
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    (Original post by chrislpp)
    Had sex with a 13 year old, oldest was I think nearly 30
    I ope you weren't more than 13/14 at the time.


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