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Is it easier for an ugly guy to get laid, or an ugly girl?

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    (Original post by Neil_K)
    Spot the limiting belief there....?

    If you think high or looks matter, let me tell you about a guy called Sean Stephenson. He is 3ft tall & wheelchair bound due to a rare bone disease. He has no trouble with women at all. He is livjng proof that looks, height DO NOT MATTER on a guy, as long as he has confidence and personality.

    Find out more about Sean Stephenson here.... http://www.timetostand.com/bio.htm

    Also look up some of his Youtube videos where he talks about how he overcame his physical difficulties and how he approaches and dates women.

    Your point is bull**** dude.
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    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Girls dont JUST go for confidence you fool!
    I didn't say confidence was the ONLY thing girls go for. And I mentioned personality too, if you'd actually read my replies thoroughly....

    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Three types of attraction:


    being an 'alpha male' just means you excel in one of these!
    I disagree. Good looks alone do not make a guy alpha. Being alpha is a PERSONALITY TRAIT, an intrinsic part of who you are as a person and nothing to do with surface looks.

    Alpha males can come in all sorts of physical packages....good looking, average looking, ugly looking. What they look like is irrelevant. Who they are intrinsically is everything.

    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Those guys you listed didnt get with girls because they were 'confident',
    Yes they did. Confidence, personality, charm too.

    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    most ugly guys get with girls due to their social status (footballers).
    I'm not talking about guys who are rich or famous (see my signature). I'm talking about ugly guys who are NOT rich or famous. They get women due to WHO THEY ARE as people. It's their confidence and personality that attracts the women, not their looks.

    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Girls fancy scaffolders because of their personality/physical qualities.
    Women go for personality and confidence above a guy's looks. Anyone who believes otherwise doesn't understand how the world works.

    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Orlando bloom doesnt have massive confidence. Do you think girls like him for his confidence? No. Its because of his looks. What about Robert Patterson? Confidence? No, its because of his personality.
    These guys attract women due to their fame and wealth. These aren't good examples. As my signature says....any man can attract women when he is rich or famous, but attracting girls when you are NOT rich and famous is what takes real talent...

    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    that's not alpha at all. that's what gets you hated and people just view you as a dick.
    There is a difference between being a complete dick for the sake of it vs being a guy who simply does his own thing without worrying about what other's think. The former is a 'try hard' kind of guy....the latter is a true alpha.

    One of the traits of men who are really good with women is that they don't worry about what she thinks. They simply approach her and say what is on their mind, and let her react however she reacts.

    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    And I can't take people who read all these PUA and The Game books seriously (like you)
    I've said on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS in previous threads that I'm not a PUA and I'm not part of the seduction community. I'm simply a guy who meets and dates girls by being direct, honest and by being myself. I don't use PUA tactics/techniques/routines etc....instead I attract girls with my natural confidence and personality.

    I believe in total honesty and being my real self when it comes to dating. No games. No manipulation. No PUA stuff. I don't read 'PUA books' etc. And I don't regard 'The Game' as a 'guide to meeting and attracting women'. I've read it for entertainment and curiosity, and it was nothing more than an entertaining read.

    So I suggest you get your facts right before you try to invalidate me by labelling me as a 'PUA' and so forth.

    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    lol, Neil_K is just being ripped apart in this thread.
    Nobody is ripping me apart at all. Nobody has invalidated anything I've said, and nobody will.

    I've ripped people's replies apart, though and will continue to do so if you're full of ****....
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    (Original post by future_hopeful_uk)
    Not really mate, unless you're going to try and persuade me that Robert Patterson pulls girls because of his amaaaaazing confidence? Or that Orlando Bloom has more front than Danny Dyer?

    Does Prince William has amaaaaaaaaaaaazing confidence? No, it's a social thing
    Again....stop using famous people as examples. Read my sig.

    I'm talking about guys who are not rich or famous. In fact, I suggest you read the folliwing post, 'Are wealth, fame, power, and/or career success the keys to romantic bliss. Nope' >> http://www.examiner.com/men-s-dating...tic-bliss-nope

    It will clear up some of your misconceptions.
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    (Original post by Neil_K)
    Again....stop using famous people as examples. Read my sig.

    I'm talking about guys who are not rich or famous.

    I think the problem is confusion between the purely personality and confidence concept of the 'alpha male' and the more social phenomena. I feel that personality and confidence are probably important but a lot of factors ranging from looks to status are also taken into account. So..what was this thread about again?
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    (Original post by ForKicks)
    I think the problem is confusion between the purely personality and confidence concept of the 'alpha male' and the more social phenomena.
    I get what you're saying. I'm personally more interested in how a (non famous/non wealthy) guy can develop those intrinsic personality traits that can make him more 'alpha', as opposed to using fame or material success to be perceived as 'alpha'.

    Anyway, read that article I suggested, it talks more about this. But yeah, back on point....
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    You are all talking rubbish, confidence ,goodlooks and all the rest is eclipsed by being a rich man when it comes to attracting women of any age . I used to work in a very to notch hotel doing security , there were some seriously hot hot chicks who would not have looked twice at these guys if they were shelf stackers or bin men.(no offence to shelf stackers or binmen I love you ). They were married to them as well, not escorts. It makes a lot more financial sense for a woman to marry these guys then just become escorts because ,the guy gets to do you and walk away if you are an escort. Whats' a couple of grand at most, compared to living in the lap of luxuary or a healthy divorce settlement in the millions if he divorces you?

    As for the rest, if I could only choose between being very confidient ,and more importantly able to make girls laugh or being a socially retarded man with no confidence with women with good looks, I would choose the former. If I wanted to get laid. If I was a girl of course wanting to attract men I would choose the opposite.

    Because girls just do not want to do shy pussy men. They are governed by their emotions, and get these retarded 'vibes' from shy men. For instance I used to be very shy with girls when I was at school after a bad experience with a girl, and later on I was told that the girls their assumed I thought I was too good for them. When in reality I just had no confidence. Do you really think guys would be put off a girl if she was unconfident? Nope they would just see the ass and the breasts.
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    Women certainly are the more subjective gender, whereas men will bang anything that moves and if they so much as look at them.
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    I would guess that for a for an ugly girl it would be easier to get any sex because you can just go to an ugly guy. It is harder for an ugly girl to get a hot guy who is getting loads than it is the opposite way around because men can use personality/money more than women.
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    I'd say easier for an ugly girl, because men that I have seen tend to be more desperate for sex.

    Maybe girls are just better at hiding that they want sex, or maybe it's because we have a better range of sex toys available to us than guys who don't want anal, so finding a fella becomes a bit less important.
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    (Original post by Neil_K)
    I can't believe everyone here believes it's easier for an ugly girl to get laid than an ugly guy. You've all got it so wrong.

    An ugly guy with a boatload of confidence will have no problem at all attracting women. But an ugly girl with confidence will still have problems. This is because men are attracted to women primarily by their looks (at least initially), but for women it is a guy's personality and confidence that is the most important.

    This is why you regularly see ugly or average looking men with hot girls...but you rarely see hot men with ugly women.

    History is littered with examples of men who were notoriously ugly yet did phenomenally well with women. For example, Voltaire, Jean Paul Satre, Casanova, David X...they were/are notoriously ugly, yet women fell for them because of their personalities and because they knew what women universally responded to. They were not 'celebrities' or anything...so it wasn't their fame women fell for, nor was it their looks!

    Women are attracted to men who are ATTRACTIVE, not merely men who are good looking. Being attractive is more than just looks.

    Have you ever heard the term 'sexy ugly'? This is a term women use to describe men who are not good looking, but who they are attracted to and who they find sexy. Again, this is a secret women will never reveal, but it is 100% true.

    Don't believe what women SAY about this...pay attention only to what they do. There are examples all around us of ugly guys with hot girls.

    A confident guy who is average looking or ugly will do better with women than a guy who has male model type looks but lacks confidence.

    So really...being physically ugly isn't as big a problem for a guy as it is for a woman. Women have to rely on their looks far more than a guy to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

    So the bottom line is: it's easier for ugly men (with confidence) to get laid than ugly women.
    Fantastic disquisition chief, though you've only proven the majority (wait, everyone except for yourself) wrong in this thread by appending a clause onto the original thread question.

    The girl, hands down. She would simply have to walk into the street and flag down the nearest chap passing in a car.
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    Ugh I hate it that everyone on here is like 'ugly girls have it soo much easier' or like, 'any girl can get laid but any guy cannot'.
    Well I feel that, many girls, ugly or not are far more willing to look past the 'looks' whereas if you are a girl and ugly, guys dont even look at you, let alone speak to you or whatever. I think if 'ugly guys' even have an ounce or confidence and a bit of charm they can get with decent girls, but with ugly girls, you could have the best personality in the world, you still would not get anywhere with guys. So yeah, I don't think it's easier for ugly girls.
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    I disagree that ugly girls have it easier. Like others have said guys who aren't great looking but have confidence and charm often punch above their weight. But its harder for ugly girls because, in general, the overriding priority for boys is looks. For instance, everyone on here has probably seen a girl getting with a boy significantly less attractive than them, but how often have you seen it go the other way round?
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    (Original post by charcharchar)
    girls, cos they have tittts!
    But if he's fat and ugly then what?...
    because then he may have tits too...although I can see how this would defo be a negative :p:
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    (Original post by nerimon18)
    Women certainly are the more subjective gender, whereas men will bang anything that moves and if they so much as look at them.
    hah this.
    Women usually are more picky..
    but guys, they can shag any girl anytime.
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    Ugly men, by virtue of the fact that they can RAPE!
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    so is this basically a post deliberating if it's easier for you to lose your virginity with a sex change operation or not?
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    ugly guys. Girls mainly seem to go for personality and care less about looks.

    (Original post by sammynorton90)
    I know 'beauty's subjective', 'it's whats inside that counts', 'this question is shallow and crude' , yada yada yada, blah blah blah. Putting that all aside, and just being hypothetical, is it easier for ugly girls to get laid in our society, or ugly guys? I personally think it's easier for ugly girls, as a lot of guys will lower there standards if there is the chance of sex, whereas girls are usually less likely to, as they'll get a reputation as being easy, and are generally more picky.
    Depends how drunk everyone is... that can reverse it...

    But im a girl and in my opinion I would say an ugly girl.
    Guys want sex, after a while it doesn't matter what the girl looks like (quoting many guy mates "as long as she isn't fat" so that goes down to what people were saying about bodies).
    Girls are overly picky, and whoever said they aren't judgemental on looks are wrong, if they shag an ugly guy they will be branded a slut with ridiculously low standards, if a guy shags as many girls as they can people are like he's a legend.
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    Girls ,
    the amount of hot guys who are with ugly girls is sickening.I think ugly girls are more likley to "put out".


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