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Anyone seen Skepta's new video 'All over the house'

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    If so its pure dirt lol. Worst thing about it is that it doesn't even work with the song.


    Please don't link to the video, doing so will result in a 7 day ban from the site.
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    I wasn't expecting it!
    he'll get plenty of hype and publicity for it though, which i'm sure was his main aim
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    any chance of a link been hearing some big hype about this video but ent seen it yet
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    Ahaha, it's hilarious, I love it :').
    Song's pretty catchy too :sexface:
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    too far imo.
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    Was I the only one who thought it matched near perfectly? Maybe I was hypnotised by the sex but meh.

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    Embarrassingly attention-seeking.
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    Some buttaz chick ****ing a lil wayne lookalike no thanks aha
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    link please
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    Just Why.
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    whos songs are that rubbish that they need to pornorise (sorry for the euphamism) it? like, really? REALLY?

    what kind of example does that set, some idiots will want to emulate that
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    foolishness tbh, couldnt even pay attention to the song coz of the video :rolleyes:

    why not just do a proper vid, if he wants to make a porno vid why not upload it to ****ing redtube
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    wayyy too much for a video...
    although i couldn't stop watching.
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    It just basically porn. Can even finish eating my lunch after that.
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    Can't even believed I watched. I'm definitely going church this Sunday
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    :rofl: Yeah, it's actually just porn.

    I would post it but allow getting banned.

    You see everything, literally, it IS porn. Wtf is he gonna release it or something?

    "We had sex... all over the house. In the kitchen. On my couch. In the bedroom. In my house."

    HAHA, it's so bad!
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    Just watched it. I heard a lot about how it's porn but I thought they were exaggerating.

    I guess not!

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    giggity giggity
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    :facepalm2: Too far. Didn't expect that from Skepta tbh :erm:


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