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Do you prefer to type or handwrite revision notes?

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
  • View Poll Results: Do you type or handwrite revision notes?
    Always handwrite and use highlighters, different coloured pens etc.
    Prefer to type all revision notes
    Handwrite first, then type them up later

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    (Original post by py0alb)
    As I have said many times before, ad hominems and accusations of arrogance are the characteristic cry of the intellectually inferior. So I will take your post as a complement, thanks .
    Spelling "compliment" as "complement" is a characteristic cry of the intellectually inferior.

    [/arguing out of boredom]
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    (Original post by Jonty99)
    Spelling "compliment" as "complement" is a characteristic cry of the intellectually inferior.

    [/arguing out of boredom]
    have a cookie :cookie:
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    Handwrite. It's the physical tedious process of writing them which makes me remember
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    Handwriting, for two reasons:

    If I write a lot my spelling gets better and I can write more things down in less time.

    I don't remember anything I type.

    + for some reason I feel far more academic writing than typing lol.
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    (Original post by NGC773)
    I type them up first. Get them perfect then handwrite them
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    I like to take a lot of notes in class - that's when it's sinking in to be honest. I do some revision notes but I think by far the best way for me to revise is just to do as many past questions as possible. When I do notes it's all about making them memorable so I just write them out a couple of times to remember them rather than taking ages to make them look pretty. After all when you're colouring in you're not practising or learning to be honest...
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    (Original post by Kayeffsee)
    I believe I'm one of the minority who secretly love using various coloured highlighters... :awesome:
    Can I join the highlighter minority? :ninja:

    I tend to type first to get everything I need into one place, and then write it out (handwrite) again and again and again....I learn by repetition, so I will write it out and then later on try it from memory, then write in the bits I missed in a different colour, then later on/the next day I will try it again, do the same thing... By the end I can write it out without any prompts, or at least I could last year. Takes forever but it's the only way I seem to retain some stuff!
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    I handwrite revision notes because I just feel I remember it better than typing them up :awesome:
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    If you're going to type, use different colours since the human brain is more accustomed to identifying colours than bold type or underlining although helps here and there.
    Also, I know some parts of revision are important and others not so much but remember that condensing a large chunk of key information will just be your downfall. It's a large chunk for a reason, otherwise you'll miss the bits that will take from a good grade to a great grade. So don't condense too much and spend another five minutes going through a couple of more line or bullet points
    Whatever works for you best! I find a mix of both, since I remember taking notes and writing a certain point, but I can see the typed text more clearly in my head
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    I type just because it's quicker. I don't see any other benefits to be had from typing rather than handwriting or vice versa. I don't see the point of doing both either, waste of time (and ink).
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    Handwrite. :work:
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    Doing physics, it's the most tedious thing to be typing everything. Bearing in mind that it's hardly ever words, just equations, greek symbols and long calculations...as well as graphs and diagrams. It's near impossible to do on the laptop.

    However, I do like to keep an electronic copy of my work (plus computer text is easier to read than my crap writing) so I use an ICR program. Basically scan my hand written work, it recognises it and converts it to computer text. I choose to leave diagrams as photos on the document. It's been great, my digital notes are now better than my handwritten ones.
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    For chemistry I prefer to write notes. I feel that I really learn the stuff when I write them out neatly. Plus, it would be awful trying to draw diagrams on the computer!

    But for RS I make notes on paper first, but then I gather all my notes together and condense them into essay plans on the computer. It makes them much clearer and easier to read.
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    I make my notes into mind maps.
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    I first tried writing - it didn't work for me.

    I then tried typing - i made all my notes very quickly without forgetting to include anything else. Even if had to include something else after, i did so by just editting my electronic notes. I also used bold, italics and underline in my notes. Then i printed them all out, highlighted anything that i thought needed more attention.
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    Also r u revising already?

    I hav a question ppl: How to put ur Ms word doc into PDF?
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    I always handwrite, but just using a single colored biro and in paragraphs. I seem to remember a lot more that way if I essentially write an essay on it. Obviously for maths I can't do this, but I do write a lot of bullet pointed topic summary sheets.
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    im not actually sure...

    if im... in the 'right mood', i can type quite quickly with minimal mistakes, yet other times its the opposite...
    with handwriting, the speed is consistent yet doing a lot of writing hurts my hands (which wouldnt happen when typing)

    so in this way, they both balance out as being similar... i dont exactly have preferance but it would be nice to type because i can back up copies, theres no physical space being used up by paper etc....
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    I used to handwrite before I suffered an injury to my hand due to excessive writing which meant I couldn't do this anymore, and now I have to type everything.
    Be kind to your hands, don't press too hard on the pen and don't write when you don't have to!
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