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The 'Book vs E-Book' debate

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    Real book


    Kindles are great if you like to read older novels which have gone out of copyright. I prefer real books, but I have a Kindle so I can get older novels for free.

    i love showing off what I am reading to people on the train and bus. Cant do that with an ebook. Is that just me lol?

    Both. I have a Sony ebook reader for travelling and stacking up with books, as well as cases full of regular books at home. You can't beat the smell, feel and look of a paperback (hardbacks can sod off!) and I tend to pick up a bunch every time I go into a book shop... but ebooks are amazing. Actually easier to read in some situations.

    Only way I was able to use my Kindle at the beginning was with a leather case that made it feel like a book.

    Felt the same as you originally though; wasn't sure if I could give up the real deal. Do love my Kindle now.

    I love my Kindle! I got it for a Christmas present and it was very much welcomed as I'd run out of space on my bookcase and had no room for any more books.
    I do miss the feel of an actual book sometimes but I love the fact that I can almost instantly have a new book at my fingertips to read

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    (Original post by Zenzic)
    Get an ebook, perhaps the kindle (£89). You can basically have anybook for free if you know where to look :pirate3:. Also if you do buy this, get the little light for it as it doesn't have a backlight.
    I am all for kindle, but encouraging people to download books that authors spend years writing is wrong. I am sure there lots of free books on kindle store anyways but if you must pay for a e-book that cost 2 quid please do


    I had an e-reader for Christmas and whilst I can see the advantages of using one I have to say I've hardly used it. For me nothing is better than having a physical book, the smell of the pages, the fact you can annotate and underline wherever you wish and the illustrations make it impossible for me to properly switch to e-books. Besides I have somewhat of a little library of books coming along, eventually I'd like to have a room full of them, so buying books on my e-reader makes me a little sad


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Updated: July 22, 2012
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