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Has anyone famous attended your school?

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    Stephen Mulhern came to my primary school years ago to do some magic tricks.
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    James May

    you know when he did the bbc programmes with some schools... zzzz

    also someone else but ive forgotten
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    Mo farah,
    some other sprinters, cricketers and footballers....
    but jeff hardy did once visit our school
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    (Original post by Cariie)
    Yeah that's the place
    Thought so what with the Michael Owen connection
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    We got Joss Stone.

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    Me :awesome:
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    Blake Fielder-Civil got expelled from my old school
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    (Original post by S129439)
    Jacqui Smith attended and taught at my college.

    Which college may i ask? She attended the same high school as me!
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    Alan Hollinghurst (the novelist) is the most famous person to have attended, so no?
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    One of the 9/11 terrorists. No lie.

    Oh and Nasser Hussain.
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    Michael Gove - Education Secretary

    Some of the Saudi Royal family
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    For males that know of glamour models/ page three girls, Louise Glover was at school a few years above me... totally cringeworthy
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    School - no one, as it was a really tiny school!

    But quite a few famous people went to my college - Alexa Chung, Jack Dee, Ben Ainslie, Will Champion from Coldplay and some others I can't remember. The guy who played Colin Creevey in Harry Potter was in the year below me too.
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    The murderer off Pim Fortuyn *Dutch politican shot back at 2002 orso*
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    No one really famous...just a few MSPs or whatever they are, actress/Miss Scotland, some footballer, drummer from Deacon Blue, some musician/composer and John Smeaton Currently we have one of Ally McCoist's sons.
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    (Original post by amsie/)
    David Attenborough. Unless you've got Beyonce, I win :awesome:
    He went to my school wqeic. Are you from QE as well then?
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    David Attenborough went to my sixth form.
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    (Original post by Novis)
    Jay Sean went to mine, but apparently now he's embrassed to acknowlegde he went to a school in southall , lol!
    Which school was that?

    We had Jermaine Beckford of Everton F.C and Paul Merson (former Arsenal player) go to ours (Greenford High School).
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    Um, a 2 girls from skins, my friend went to the school that Jamie Cullum went to and loads of people I know went to a school that Cary Grant went to.
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    (Original post by Maker)
    Seb (Lord) Coe went to my school, did anyone famous go to your school?


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