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Has anyone famous attended your school?

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    Someone from Arsenal
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    Eric Liddell (the film Chariots of Fire was about him)
    George Band (youngest member of the first successful Everest expedition)
    Phil Packer (the injured soldier who you may remember completing the 2009 London Marathon in 13 days)
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    Most recently one of the lead singers from Out Of The Blue (Britain's Got Talent 2011) went to my primary school, secondary school and college, and there are a few pictures around our school of him being in musicals which our school did.
    My school also had Richard Armitage as a student...which is cool I guess.

    and several members from the band Kasabian went to the school I could have gone to (Countesthorpe).
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    Probably a few famous murderers lol
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    Ulrika Jonsson. I attend the same secondary school as my dad did, and she was in the year below him when he was there!
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    Katie Leung aka Cho Chang from the harry Potter Movies.
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    (Original post by JezBerri)
    Singer from Keiser Chiefs, and the guy who plays Eric in True Blood
    Do you go to St Mary's Menston?
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    Andy and Jamie Murray, but that's pretty much it!
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    Aaron Ramsey
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    Keira Knightley went to a local college
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    Beth Tweddle.

    Never hear the end of it -.-

    My dad went to school and was in the same class as Stephen Fry. Apparently he was a posh know it all :p:
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    bitch please....
    not that i know :P
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    No :sigh:
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    (Original post by boromir9111)
    No :sigh:
    What about yourself? :awesome:
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    (Original post by dknt)
    What about yourself? :awesome:
    Oh you big flirt ...........

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    (Original post by boromir9111)
    Oh you big flirt ...........

    Oh sorry, I meant infamous :awesome:
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    (Original post by dknt)
    Oh sorry, I meant infamous :awesome:
    You're lucky you know me and that's why i shan't hurt you badly :awesome:

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    some arsenal player i remmeber.
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    No, but 'an education' (the movie) was about my school!
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    Richard Branson, Chelsea Davy and Richard Niven.


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