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Has anyone famous attended your school?

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    My secondary school was named after local hero, Sir Harry Smith. I was told that he tried/did burn down the White House. I don't really know how true that is...

    There was also someone on Eastenders or something who came from the school. I have the feeling that he's in a wheelchair...
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    (Original post by AlexInWonderland)
    Not at my school, but Lewis Hamilton went to a local school, although aparrantly he was a right brat and they don't boast about it.
    I don't care, he's a bloody good driver and claim to fame for my town
    STEVENAGE!! - A bit of a chav town... but, hey! :P
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    really tedious link but my cousin went to school with Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon from Blur at Stanway in Colchester
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    (Original post by Novis)
    Jay Sean went to mine, but apparently now he's embrassed to acknowlegde he went to a school in southall , lol!
    Finally someone local on here! I know loadsa people from Southall. What school do you go to? Villiers...Featherstone...Dormer s Wells?
    & No one special in my school, just some girl in sixth form called Joelle Moses, got onto X Factor auditions
    Also a boy in my year got spotted by a football scout and he's moving to America...might go far. Not sure
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    Gareth Gates!
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    (Original post by Bella Occhi)
    Jack Wilshere, he was in the year above me :yep:
    Oh my God that is ****in' awesome..!

    Colin Firth went to my college
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    Montell Douglas, sprinter.

    Keeley Hazell, topless model.

    Gary O'Neil, Middlesbrough F.C. footballer, former England U21 captain.


    I know OP asked for famous people but, well, that's the best I got.


    EDIT: Lol, I was just curious so I typed my school name in Google Images and a lot of the results were of Keeley Hazell - the topless model. There weren't many images of my school.
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    Not really but that black posh guy in James Bond came and spoke to our year lol
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    Won't put from my current college as some local tsrians would guess which if I put the exact names, but a rock band of the early noughties and a soap actress went there and from my previous school another soap person.

    Both the Miliband brothers and N-Dubz went to my dad's old school however. Though not all at the same time.
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    Secondary School:

    Apparently Rod Stewart, but that was back when it wasn't my school but rather three little schools or something.
    Also,potentially Baby Spice (rumour has it)
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    Patrick Stewart went to my secondary school :p: That's about it I think.
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    D H Lawrence
    Ed Balls
    Ken Clarke
    Geoff Hoon

    Some others too..
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    That Chantel girl from Big Brother who went out with Ziggy. She also gave birth at the maternity ward where I did my work experience
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    Jimmy Carr and Matt Dawson
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    Mark Addy [the fat one from The Full Monty and A Knight's Tale] went to my school, Graeme Le Saux went to my dad's.
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    (Original post by Sashari)
    STEVENAGE!! - A bit of a chav town... but, hey! :P
    Lol, no kidding!
    I don't actually mind Stevenage, unlike most people I know. Must admit, Hitchin is much nicer
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    The ginger one from atomic kitten. I'm gonna go ahead and say that none of you can top that.
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    (Original post by AlexInWonderland)
    Lol, no kidding!
    I don't actually mind Stevenage, unlike most people I know. Must admit, Hitchin is much nicer
    I agree, Hitchin is nicer Alas no one famous comes from around here ooh but Apparently Rupert Grint's sister is in my year, at my 6th form :s if she wasn't kicked out yet :P


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