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Has anyone famous attended your school?

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    (Original post by maemg)
    Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter both went to my school but dropped out in their last year...does that still count??
    FOOOL! Voldemort didn't drop out in his last year! Ignorant people like you deserve to be a muggle!
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    Person who threw a pie at rupert murdoch :P
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    Richard hammond,William hague and Bruce Oldfield (fashion designer)
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    Joseph Morgan, aka Klaus from the Vampire Diaries I was amazed when I found out, apparently he was in the year above my cousin.
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    Paolo Nutini sp?

    I wouldn't say he was an A lister but I can't be picky

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    Matt Edmondson from T4, Radio 1 etc went to my school, and in September I'll be going to the college he went too!
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    PETER CROUCH and STEVE MC QUEEN and RICK WAKEMAN; Came to my school
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    Someone from Newcastle United went to my high school, I can't remember his name though... clearly not that famous
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    Prince Harry!!!
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    Carol vorderman was a governor at my school. Me and 10 or so other kids sang for her once.
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    (Original post by green.tea)
    Carol vorderman was a governor at my school. Me and 10 or so other kids sang for her once.
    Was it "Money money money" to highlight just how much of a money grabbing bitch she is?
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    Raheem Sterling was in my year at high school Played football with him too

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    (Original post by OMGWTFBBQ)
    Was it "Money money money" to highlight just how much of a money grabbing bitch she is?
    It was a song from a musical written specially for our school.
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    That was my secondary school. Robert swindels book room 13 is about a trip from my middle school.
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    Micah richards and jason manford.
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    Christopher Nolan went to mine (before he moved to the States).
    And apparently one of Osama Bin Laden's nephews too.
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    Russell Brand He got expelled lol
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    Ed Sheeran was in the year above me [s]facepalm[\s] My old school sucks.

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    Some actress called Margaret Rutherford (who is long dead) they named our theatre after her.
    famous peeps come to my TOWN all the time cos i live in wimbledon! will and kate last year, queen a few times, other famous people... and a load of people come and camp in wimbledon park and i live like 400 yards away haha

    EDIT: and some actress from st trinian's... and some actress from a TV series called the worst witch.... and the author Michelle Paver....
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    Emma Watson was like being at hogwarts


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Updated: August 31, 2013
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