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Ultimate football match discussion thread (2/4/11 - 3/4/11)

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    West Ham [Sky Sports] Man. United


    Birmingham City vs Bolton Wanderers
    Everton vs Aston Villa
    Newcastle vs Wolves
    Stoke City vs Chelsea
    West Brom vs Liverpool
    Wigan vs Tottenham


    Arsenal [ESPN] Blackburn



    Fulham [Sky Sports] Blackpool


    Man. City [Sky Sports] Sunderland

    A magnificent amount of football on TV this weekend tbf.

    Highlights should be Milan v Inter and Villarreal v Barcelona.

    Friday 1st April 2011
    Fri 1st Apr 	St Pauli V FC Schalke 	Bundesliga 	19:30 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Fri 1st Apr 	Peterborough v Bournemouth 	League One 	19:45 	Sky Sports 2 / HD2
    Saturday 2nd April 2011
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Inverness CT V Celtic 	SPL 	12:00 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sat 2nd Apr 	West Ham v Man Utd 	Premier League 	12:45 	Sky Sports 2 / HD2
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Leeds United v Nottingham Forest 	Championship 	12:45 	BBC 1 / BBC 1 HD
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Airbus UK Broughton v Carmarthen Town 	Welsh Premier League 	15:45 	S4C
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Real Madrid v Sporting Gijon 	La Liga 	17:00 	Sky Sports 4
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers 	Premier League 	17:30 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Getafe v Valencia 	La Liga 	19:00 	Sky Sports 4
    Sat 2nd Apr 	AC Milan V Inter Milan 	Serie A 	19:45 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sat 2nd Apr 	Villarreal v Barcelona 	La Liga 	21:00 	Sky Sports 4
    Sunday 3rd April 2011
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Racing V Tigre 	Argetinian Primera Division 	00:20 	Premier Sports
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Napoli V Lazio 	Serie A 	11:30 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Hibernian V Hearts 	SPL 	12:45 	Sky Sports 4 / HD4
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Brentford V Carlisle United 	Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final 	13:30 	Sky Sports 2 / HD2
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Fulham v Blackpool 	Premier League 	13:30 	Sky Sports 1 / HD1
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Man City v Sunderland 	Premier League 	16:00 	Sky Sports 1 / HD1 / 3D
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Wolfsburg V Eintracht Frankfurt 	Bundesliga 	16:30 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Sevilla v Real Zaragoza 	La Liga 	18:00 	Sky Sports 1 / HD1
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Roma V Juventus 	Serie A 	19:45 	ESPN / ESPN HD
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Osasuna v Atletico Madrid  	La Liga 	20:00 	Sky Sports 1 / HD1
    Sun 3rd Apr 	Boca V Estudiantes 	Argetinian Primera Division 	22:15 	Premier Sports
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    Should normally include a European highlights section in the OP of this as well, I guess. :holmes:

    Cannot wait for the Milan derby. :coma: :coma: :coma:

    I've never noticed that Premier Sports channel before. If Wikipedia's coverage guide is to be believed it shows the most random selection I've ever seen:

    Gaelic games
    League of Ireland football
    Australian National Rugby League
    Conference games
    World Series of Boxing
    Copa Libertadores
    Brazilian league
    Argentinian league
    Student Rugby League Super 8's

    All for the princely sum of £7.99 a month :lolwut: Makes ESPN look a bargain ffs :facepalm2:

    Anyone without Sky can watch the glamour Championship match between Leeds and Forest on BBC1 from half 12 :sexface:

    Well the individual match thread went down surprisingly well. Let's contrast to how badly this goes. Six live 3pm games, let's go :woo:

    Birmingham v Bolton
    Everton v Aston Villa
    Newcastle v Wolves
    Stoke v Chelsea
    West Brom v Liverpool
    Wigan v Tottenham

    Everton's bench today :lolwut: I might tune in for the Sprus game in the second half. :bandit:

    The 7 on Everton's bench could probably beat Villa's first eleven ffs :facepalm2:

    Intruiged by the Walters wonder strike though :holmes:

    How are Villa playing? Tbf Villa look really good on paper, need to get their act together because they really are too good to go down.

    Everything is nicely poised :holmes:, thinking of having a gander at the West Brom - L'pool game. Spurs look short of ideas, apparently 5 of the next 7 games for Wigan are away from home. As good as down, imo.
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    Brunt in the last minute of normal time. Gwarn Woy. :coma:

    Switched over to the Chelsea - Stoke game in the end, seemed quite entertaining, Stoke nearly won it. I guess that's that for Chelsea's title hopes. :teeth:

    Hodgson must be the happiest man on the planet right now.

    At half time in the United game the title race was in Chelsea's hands ffs

    Now they can't even finish second :facepalm2:

    At half time in the United game several Chelsea fans were WUMing me. :smug:

    The match discussion seems to be working well for the tv games but seems a bit hard to control for non-tv games :holmes:

    I imagine next season it will be generate more interest as it will all be settled and part of the normal routine for anyone new.

    Oh hai Mess.

    Are there any Milan supporters in this forum? I know Charzinho and Sandeep support Inter, I think there was some guy called Boriello who might have supported them? Can't think of anyone else.

    :hmmm: I've never really seen much of the Italian masses on TSR :holmes:

    I will actually be able to get reinvolved in all the football discussion next year as I will have permanent access to every football channel in HD, **** the streams :coma:


    Pato scores.

    What a start. :adore:

    Hoping for a draw.


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Updated: April 3, 2011
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