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are there any benefits I could claim in uni with DIABETES?

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    (Original post by Xristina)
    People with diabetes need to be extremely careful with their diet. I have seen like a million students on TSR saying that they basically live of noodles and pasta. A diabetic can't do that, they need to have a balanced diet with meat etc. I personally think this is a huge additional expense. And yes, of course everyone would like to have the ability to eat meat every day etc but for these people it's imperative. Pasta is a big no no for diabetics and it's the main meal for most students lol
    How is this the same as saying you were adopted?
    I don't know anyone who lives on noodles and pasta.

    An yone who lives on noodles and pasta has not budgeted their money correctly - or spent all their money on alcohol (or perhaps is middle/working class not getting a lot of loan/grant or financial help from parentsbut that's an issue not related to diabetes).

    Having diabetes may mean you have to be more responsible and not spend all your money on alcohol. But that's not a reason for more money.
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    I am a type 1 diabetic and have recently come to uni, i got granted DSA due to my diabetes, contact DSA to get a form and fill it out with conformation with your doctor and you get stuff to help, such as i got a mac and a fridge and stuff to help with my education when i have a hypo so i can stay in and work from home with the suitable equipment.

    It takes a while for it to go through but its worth it, i have tried to research for other benefits but have had no luck.

    i am studying design so i got the mac but try it and get it sorted, you have to live with the long term illness why not get something out of it.

    Gregor Jones
    First year Diabetic Student
Updated: January 19, 2012
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