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1 minute sex

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    So I just slept with a guy (half an hour ago), we are just f-buddies basically, and he finished in less than a minute. Needless to say I didn't get too much out of it. He said sorry, but didn't make much of it. I could tell he was very excited, but he lasted longer last time. He also talks about how he hates wearing a condom, but he did wear one. If he usually has sex without, I wonder how he can last more than 10 seconds?

    Guys, how do you feel if you finish very early? I know it's different from guy to guy how long it takes before you're ready for round 2. This guy is done when he's done, and doesn't come up again. I'm used to a guy that can go 5 times a night, so this is a bit different. He smiled even though he finished early, is it as if some guys think you should take it as a compliment?
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    Think you might have a record there...
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    Time is money, woman.
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    Obviously you must be way tooo good. You should take it as a compliment
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    There are loads of different factors so could just be one off
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    Always ready for round two.
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    Just think of it as you are being too good.

    My BF told me I am too good when he finish early than usual.
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    Next...... now
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    Very efficient of him.
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    Thats impossibru...
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    1 minute wonder ftw
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    I have never finished that quick. I wish I could though, would make the whole thing more convenient if you just need the release :p:
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    ...what a loser:cool:
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    What would you even call that? A quickie quickie?
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    Anything less than an hour and I'd be gutted, and that's PLUS foreplay. If I'm getting some, I'm making the most of it !
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    I'd be disappointed tbh
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    Lol, what do you want him to stay in you?

    Men, do the deed and get out of there as soon as they're done.
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    It makes me feel like a **** when I finish in anything less than 10 mins. How long do women take anyways, seems to vary a lot!?


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